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Love, Family & Food

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mature Skin - My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

I was shocked to read back my old posts on skincare routine. I could believe that I had used so much of different products back then to overcome my acne problem when I was younger. As I grow older now, at the age of 28, I do still get pimples occasionally and also a lot of blackheads on my nose. Another skin concern for me now at this age are fine lines and wrinkles, especially under and around my eyes.

There was one period that I had stopped oil cleansing method as I find it too tedious having to steam and wash my face every night with the washcloth. Another thing is my wash cloths are smelly due to the oil residue no matter how much I wash them off. Probably because of stopping OCM, my skin aged faster and I began to notice fine lines around my eyes. I started to panic as I'm not that old to get all these fine lines.

After stopping my OCM, I used normal snail cleanser, and moisturize with simple scar serum by Bio Essence and that was it. Maybe because I was lazy from my daily chores of taking care of my baby and my husband, I took my skincare routine for granted. *my bad! and I regretted it!*

I immediately started back my OCM the past few days and end my skin care routine with my usual Simple Toner, and DIY Facial Oil as my moisturizer and eye serum. I think these are the most simple skincare routine we can adopt.

I still decided to go back to DIY facial oil and OCM because oils really clean my face and it helped a lot previously giving me the glow that I wanted. Additionally, as my skin begining to age now, I think oils will help to keep my skin plump and firm.

What I use for my OCM and Facial Oil & Eye Serum?

For my oil cleanser:
1) Castor oil
2) Grapeseed oil
3) Lavender essential oil
4) Tea tree essential oil
5) Eucalyptus essential oil
6) Rose geranium essential oil

For my Facial Oil & Eye Serum
1) Grapeseed oil
2) Rosehip oil
3) Lavender essential oil
4) Tea tree essential oil
5) Rose gerannium essential oil
6) Eucalyptus essential oil

I'm going to make a separate eye serum after I get my newly purchased sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is said to be able to reduce dark circles due to its high concentration of vitamin K. Additionally, I can also add sweet almond oil to my oil cleanser as my current oil cleanser is finishing.

We shall see how these oils will combat my wrinkles.  *fingers crossed* that my belief in oil will prove me right!

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