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Love, Family & Food

Monday, June 12, 2017

Real Bubee Review : Breast Pump and Milk Warmer

Today I'm going to write a review of my two favorite Real Bubee products. After giving birth to my baby, I've been trying very hard to breastfeed my baby. I had used Unimom Mezzo manual pump for my last round of breastfeeding with my elder son. But my pump had spoilt. Thus, my husband bought me a new affordable and good pump. This brand Real Bubee is a China brand. Most people will not buy such cheap pump. I got mine for RM 30+ from shopee app. I did not put high hope on this pump as the brand is not famous and the price of the pump is really cheap compared to the other brand like Medela, Autumnz, Lacte, Spectra and etc.

However, this pump made me awed. When I first started using it, I thought this pump was useless as I could not get much milk from it. However, I found out that I did not use the right suction level and thus, milk was not expressed out properly. This pump can be used as a single pump during tandem nursing and also as double pump. There is a convertible tube connector to switch between single and double pumping. 

This pump has two phase - stimulation phase and expression phase. Both phase comes with 9 suction levels. For me, my breasts are comfortable with level 4 stimulation phase and level 2 expression phase. This combination helped to express more milk from my breasts. 

My Real Bubee double pump
As you can see below, there are 4 buttons from left, the M button for changing of mode from stimulation phase to expression phase and vice versa, (-) and (+) to adjust the suction level and power button. You can see the connector used for double pumping as below

This cute little palm is only the size of my palm. Great for travelling and easy to be carried around. This pump powers using USB cable which you can connect to normal charger, power bank and laptop. This pump is not rechargeable and doesn't operate with battery

This pump also has anti back flow property to prevent milk from flowing back into the pump. It has little parts and easy to assemble and desmental
The cap that holds the milk bottle to the pump via the connection tube
There are little parts, and the white diaphragm is the anti back flow diaphragm.

I pump every 3 hours and normally with lots of water intake, the pump can help to express out about 4-5oz. My baby is 1.5 months and being able to get this yield, I am very very happy. I must also thank MaMom milk booster as well.

These are my milk stock at home. Just from 1 day + pumping.

Next real Bubee products that I really love is this 3-in-1 milk and food warmer and bottle sterilizer. This product is really handy and helping for breastfeeding mum. 
To warm milk, normally I start the warmer 1 hour before feeding time to slowly warm up my milk. I'm not sure exactly how fast this warmer warms up the milk though. I prefer to warm the milk before hand.

Alright. That's it. A short and simple review. I truly enjoy using Real Bubee products and in fact, I've made another purchase of a different breast pump model from Real Bubee to keep in my office while this existing pump to be used at home only. I have great confidence with this brand even though the price of the product are really cheap. Cheap product does not mean that it is not a good product!

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