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Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MediFeet - Medical Shoes for Healthy Feet and Posture

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last wrote a post in my blog. Today I'm going to share my views on Medical Shoes. Yes! Medical Shoes. 

I got a question from my friend, "What is Medical Shoes?"

My reply was simple, "Medical Shoes are Shoes designed for the benefit of our body”

To explain this in a simple way, Medical Shoes was shoes designed to fit the natural shape of our feet and it supports our body perfectly without extra burden and stress to our feet. These shoes are graded as Medical Shoes because they are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Not all shoes are given this “grade” as Medical Shoes.

Now, how did I get exposure to this Medical Shoes? Well, all these while I had this problem with my back, where I just couldn’t stand straight. Because, when I tried to stand straight, my back ache a lot and I just bent my back and walked in a hunched position. I felt more comfortable this way. I had many feedbacks from people around me that I needed to walk straight. Few years back, I had met a Acupuncture Sensei and did an X-ray of my back, he said that my back had < 20 degree “scoliosis”. I couldn’t find a right diagnosis for this as I did not see an orthopaedic surgeon. So the Sensei said nothing to be done for me as the degree was very little.

Have these problems? Read further

As the years go, my back problem became more prominent. I could not sit and stand straight; I needed to hunch all the time. When I tried sitting straight while breastfeeding my baby, my back hurt so so much. One day, my ex-BF’s mother saw me at a function. She commented that my back was terrible. I was very hunched. She said I was very young to have such problem and I should get my back fixed immediately. So she introduced me to her “healthy shoes” which I was not sure of the brand, and whether it was a certified Medical Shoes. Her shoes were priced at RM3000++ and both my mum and I were shocked with the price. 

My brother was working in Pharmacy and after hearing us talking about the “high-end” healthy shoes, he suggested us to check out “MediFeet” Medical Shoes which are sold in his Pharmacy as well. We got contact to a Sales Rep for this MediFeet Shoes and we went to see her the next day. My mum and I had different problems. She had knee pain and heel pain while I had back pain and poor posture, and we hope to get some advice on the shoes. 

The lady was very kind and she selected a few pairs of shoes catered to our problems. She said different orthopaedic problems require different shoes and thus, my shoes are only be worn by me. Because my mother wanted to get the same pair of shoes like mine, but when she wore it, she was not comfortable as the shoes are not catered for knee problem. 

The service given by the sales rep was fantastic. She gave long explanation of the importance of wearing medical shoes at young age - because Medical Shoes protect the natural arch of our feet, and when the feet are in correct position, it supports the whole structure of our legs, up till the spine, protecting the natural curve of the spine as well. She was very angry with the fact that the Acupuncture Sensei advised me not to do anything when the X-ray showed slight scoliosis of my back. 

She selected two shoes with high arch to support my back and also1 pair of sandals to correct the “26 bones” of my feet. She said that when the bones of our feet are in right position, it can support the weight of our body properly. 

Medifeet shoes have many key features and to me, the main thing that made me bought these shoes were, I felt immediate effect after wearing them in front of the sales rep. I could walk and stand straight without having the pain. This was very immediate effect. I was amazed with the shoes. Immediately, I bought 3 pairs. I had worn MediFeet shoes and sandals for 1 month and I got some comments from my colleagues that my posture now looks better. I personally feel better because there was no more pain to my back after walking for a long time in these MediFeet Shoes. It was comfortable, suitable for work and for travelling. I wore the Swago Blue for travelling and I had no problem with my back or feeling very tired of walking. It was amazing. 
My Swago Blue

My Swago Black

My mum bought two pairs and it was very good on her too. She gave me her review of the shoes as well. She wore the medical sandals for 1 month now; she had no problem of numbness to her legs anymore. 

I do not like to review too much on the key features of the shoes because these are the cosmetic features of the shoes which you will know when you see and wear it. But what I am trying to share here are that these shoes are really beneficial for us, specially designed for walking, good posture and pain free body. What I am sharing here are based on my own personally experience after wearing the medical shoes. 

I wanted to highlight that wear Medical Shoes gave a lot of benefit to us because it helps to maintain the arch of our feet, and next it maintains the right structure of our legs, and back. With this, it sheds of the force from our heavy body to our knee and feet. 

Do you notice that when you wear flat shoes, hard plastic covered shoes and heels, your feet will feel extremely painful even just after few hours or walking or simply standing. This is because these shoes are not designed for our health. It’s for beauty purpose and we suffer to look beautiful. 

But with MediFeet, you can wear comfortably without having to wear “old-fashioned” looking shoes. You can look modern, stylish and love your feet at the same time with MediFeet. Please take note that MediFeet Shoes are not just for people with problems only, but also for those who want to prevent future problems to their feet, knee or back, they can wear them too. 

Curious to know more on this brand of MediFeet Medical Shoes, or wanted to find out where to buy in Ipoh for yourself or your loved ones? Please a comment below and I will get back to you soon!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Real Bubee Review : Breast Pump and Milk Warmer

Today I'm going to write a review of my two favorite Real Bubee products. After giving birth to my baby, I've been trying very hard to breastfeed my baby. I had used Unimom Mezzo manual pump for my last round of breastfeeding with my elder son. But my pump had spoilt. Thus, my husband bought me a new affordable and good pump. This brand Real Bubee is a China brand. Most people will not buy such cheap pump. I got mine for RM 30+ from shopee app. I did not put high hope on this pump as the brand is not famous and the price of the pump is really cheap compared to the other brand like Medela, Autumnz, Lacte, Spectra and etc.

However, this pump made me awed. When I first started using it, I thought this pump was useless as I could not get much milk from it. However, I found out that I did not use the right suction level and thus, milk was not expressed out properly. This pump can be used as a single pump during tandem nursing and also as double pump. There is a convertible tube connector to switch between single and double pumping. 

This pump has two phase - stimulation phase and expression phase. Both phase comes with 9 suction levels. For me, my breasts are comfortable with level 4 stimulation phase and level 2 expression phase. This combination helped to express more milk from my breasts. 

My Real Bubee double pump
As you can see below, there are 4 buttons from left, the M button for changing of mode from stimulation phase to expression phase and vice versa, (-) and (+) to adjust the suction level and power button. You can see the connector used for double pumping as below

This cute little palm is only the size of my palm. Great for travelling and easy to be carried around. This pump powers using USB cable which you can connect to normal charger, power bank and laptop. This pump is not rechargeable and doesn't operate with battery

This pump also has anti back flow property to prevent milk from flowing back into the pump. It has little parts and easy to assemble and desmental
The cap that holds the milk bottle to the pump via the connection tube
There are little parts, and the white diaphragm is the anti back flow diaphragm.

I pump every 3 hours and normally with lots of water intake, the pump can help to express out about 4-5oz. My baby is 1.5 months and being able to get this yield, I am very very happy. I must also thank MaMom milk booster as well.

These are my milk stock at home. Just from 1 day + pumping.

Next real Bubee products that I really love is this 3-in-1 milk and food warmer and bottle sterilizer. This product is really handy and helping for breastfeeding mum. 
To warm milk, normally I start the warmer 1 hour before feeding time to slowly warm up my milk. I'm not sure exactly how fast this warmer warms up the milk though. I prefer to warm the milk before hand.

Alright. That's it. A short and simple review. I truly enjoy using Real Bubee products and in fact, I've made another purchase of a different breast pump model from Real Bubee to keep in my office while this existing pump to be used at home only. I have great confidence with this brand even though the price of the product are really cheap. Cheap product does not mean that it is not a good product!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Experience of Giving Birth to my Second Baby - Derrick Lee Jun Wei (Normal Delivery)

Hello mummies out there. Today I am going to share my own personal experience of giving birth to my second baby on 17th April 2017. I had previously shared my experience in the previous sharing.

My first baby was delivered via Caesarean Section surgery as he was too big, and the doctor did not recommend spontaneous virginal delivery (SVD). This time around, I wanted to try delivering Derrick via SVD. To be honest, before my due date, I was going around asking various people about their experiences of SVD. It was horrifying. Some said, it was a piece of cake - just like passing motion. Some said it was very very painful, till they don't want to give birth anymore..

The more I hear about their experience, the more scared I was. However, I decided to go for SVD this round. My original estimated delivery date was 15 April 2017 but till date, I did not experience any sign of labour. Doctor gave me another week to go, but my parents did not encourage me to wait any longer. Thus, on 17 April 2017, I went to see doctor and asked if I can deliver my baby on that day.

He examined me to see if my cervix had opened to 3cm. Doctor said if the cervix did not open, there is no point inducing labour. For my case, my cervix was opened to about 3cm. Thus, doctor said I could be admitted and induced labour. I self-admitted to Hospital Fatimah that day in the morning. Doctor told me that I had a previous scar from Caesarean and thus, if possible he would not induce labour. If I were to let the pain comes naturally and the cervix to dilate, it will take about 6 hours. Doctor said if after 6 hours the cervix is not dilated, then I would need to go for surgery as well. But I still decided to go for normal delivery.

The nurses prepared me - changed, shaved and gave me lactulose to induce passing of motion to clear the faeces. Then the nurse put on the IV line on my left hand. They started me on IV drip and Oxytocin to induce labour. Additionally, the nurse also put on CTG on my stomach to read baby's heart rate and the frequency of contraction. The ACN Nurse shared with me some important knowledge which I wanted to share here as well.

1) Baby distress - When contraction of uterus began during labour, the baby will have short period of time lack of oxygen. Thus, nurses will check on the contraction duration during induce of labour to ensure that the contraction period is not too long. If it is too long, it can put baby at risk of distress due to lack of oxygen. When baby is distress, the baby will pass motion inside the womb, causing the amniotic fluid to turn greenish. The greener the amniotic fluid, the more distress the baby is. The nurses will adjust the oxytocin to lower down the contraction if there are sign of long contraction.

2) Usage of Epidural during SVD - Epidural is used to reduce labour pain. It is safe for use during delivery of baby. Many people opt for epidural nowadays to reduce labour pain. However, nurses also do not recommend using epidural during delivery because epidural reduces labour pain and mother will not be able to feel the contraction pain, thus, unable to know when to push the baby and have to strength to push.

3) Usage of Injection Pethidine during SVD - Injection Pethidine is a painkiller and also helps to relax our muscles. ACN Nurse recommended Injection Pethidine to relax the muscle. She said that opening of cervix is actually relaxation and dilation of the cervix. The muscle need to relax in order to dilate fast. Thus, Pethidine will help the cervix to dilate fast, reducing mother's suffering of long hours of labour pain. Because as soon as cervix is dilated 10cm, the the mother can give birth. If it takes hours to dilate, the mothers have to go through hours of contraction pain.

Ok, back to my story. After I was started on IV fluid and Oxytocin, I could feel the contraction pain. Mild one. After one hour plus of mild pain. my doctor came and examined me. He said I was dilated about 4cm. He then broke the water bag. After the water bag was broken, waves of strong contraction pain came. It is normal because the water bag acted as a cushion inside the womb, reducing the actual contraction pain. Once the water is out from the body, the contraction pain will be stronger.

The pain came and go. I experiences pain lasted about 10 second and it comes every 5 minute. To be honest, it is very painful experience. I did not scream but I try to endure the pain. Every time the pain came, I took a deep breath. It helped to reduce the pain. The whole duration from admission till labour was about 3-4 hours, instead of 6 hours as said by doctor.

At about 1pm I felt a sudden urge of passing motion, and felt something was coming out down there. My mum just arrived at the Hospital, while I told my husband to come at lunch hour for I did not know how long to wait for labour. When my mum was here, I felt baby was coming and told the nurse to check me. She said I was fully dilated and ready for delivery. I was shocked because 2 hours back doctor checked me I was only at 4cm. They were surprised with my progress. I told mum to call my husband immediately.

I was pushed into labour room. They called the doctor. I told them baby is coming out but they asked me to hold until doctor comes. When the doctor came, he guided me how to push the baby out. When I could feel the contraction pain, I pushed as if I was passing motion during constipation. I held the side rail of the bed and tried my very best to push. It was tiring and my lips were dry. Because I breathed using my mouth. I wet my lips with saliva and go again. After 4-5 pushes, my baby came out. The doctor placed him in front  of me (with all the blood and slimy stuff). Then, the miracle happened when he cried so loud in front of me. The ACN said, this is your baby!

I was very happy and overjoyed. And impressed with myself that I could push him out. A lot of people told me that they don't have the strength to push. But I did! Thanks to the herbs -Pao Sum I took before delivery to protect my lungs and breathe.

My husband arrived after the baby was out and cleaned. He carried him while doctor was stitching my tear. Yeap. There was a tear. For normal delivery, almost mum will have a tear, or cut because the baby head is way larger than the vagina. People asked, if the tear or cut is painful? To be honest, you won't feel the pain at all after the baby is out... labour pain is much more painful than this cut/tear.

But, I can guarantee that all mum can go through the painful labour pain. It's a wonderful experience that all mum should go through. You can ask many people for their experience, but nothing compares to yourself experiencing it.

Well, I went through both Caesarean and Vaginal delivery and if you asked me which is better, I would say go for normal delivery still. It's just the delivery pain that turns people off, but the recovery after that is very fast. I could walk on the same day and after a week, I was back to before delivery where I could walk like normal. After normal delivery, you will experience muscle ache here and there which is normal. Don't panic.

Ok, here's my sharing of my own experience. What's yours?

This was me right after coming out from labour room! Confident sial!



Happy family of Four!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mature Skin - My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

I was shocked to read back my old posts on skincare routine. I could believe that I had used so much of different products back then to overcome my acne problem when I was younger. As I grow older now, at the age of 28, I do still get pimples occasionally and also a lot of blackheads on my nose. Another skin concern for me now at this age are fine lines and wrinkles, especially under and around my eyes.

There was one period that I had stopped oil cleansing method as I find it too tedious having to steam and wash my face every night with the washcloth. Another thing is my wash cloths are smelly due to the oil residue no matter how much I wash them off. Probably because of stopping OCM, my skin aged faster and I began to notice fine lines around my eyes. I started to panic as I'm not that old to get all these fine lines.

After stopping my OCM, I used normal snail cleanser, and moisturize with simple scar serum by Bio Essence and that was it. Maybe because I was lazy from my daily chores of taking care of my baby and my husband, I took my skincare routine for granted. *my bad! and I regretted it!*

I immediately started back my OCM the past few days and end my skin care routine with my usual Simple Toner, and DIY Facial Oil as my moisturizer and eye serum. I think these are the most simple skincare routine we can adopt.

I still decided to go back to DIY facial oil and OCM because oils really clean my face and it helped a lot previously giving me the glow that I wanted. Additionally, as my skin begining to age now, I think oils will help to keep my skin plump and firm.

What I use for my OCM and Facial Oil & Eye Serum?

For my oil cleanser:
1) Castor oil
2) Grapeseed oil
3) Lavender essential oil
4) Tea tree essential oil
5) Eucalyptus essential oil
6) Rose geranium essential oil

For my Facial Oil & Eye Serum
1) Grapeseed oil
2) Rosehip oil
3) Lavender essential oil
4) Tea tree essential oil
5) Rose gerannium essential oil
6) Eucalyptus essential oil

I'm going to make a separate eye serum after I get my newly purchased sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is said to be able to reduce dark circles due to its high concentration of vitamin K. Additionally, I can also add sweet almond oil to my oil cleanser as my current oil cleanser is finishing.

We shall see how these oils will combat my wrinkles.  *fingers crossed* that my belief in oil will prove me right!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Working Life

Hi Readers,

Today I just want to drop down something here about my working life here in Hospital Fatimah. I've never written anything in my blog about my working life. Today, I'm going to do so! I've been working here for nearly 3 years. I joined the Hospital somewhere early March 2014. Back then, I had a very good boss. She had been a really good mentor and also a nice friend to talk to. Besides that, I had a close colleague and friend. She was the Customer Service Officer back then. Yea I was using 'past tense' as both my boss and friend had left the Hospital - one retired and one got a better job elsewhere.

I have little real friends here. Mainly because I work from office most of the time and very seldom walk to the main building to mingle around. I think people do label me as anti-socialist. Well, I feel like socializing here is more to the 'gossiping' side so, I reluctant to join the rest.

Most of the time I spent with my friend, P who's been someone that I can talk secret with because she's very outgoing and a good listener. My own boss also pretty easy to talk to so we can click as well. My working life was OK when both of them are around as I still have someone to talk to. But after they both left the Hospital, my working life here is really dull. Work only, no talk to my own department's colleague as well. Everyday wait for time to pass and go home. How pathetic!

It's scary to talk to the people working there because, you never know what they really are. Some of them can smile and be nice to you in front of you, but behind you, you never know what they say about you. I rather being said anti-socialist than mingling with those gossipers

My own department's colleague, O is a very difficult person. Previously, there was only she and my boss in a department. When I first joined the department, it was a difficult time for me because she dislikes everything i did and said. (Till date, she still is like that). She's a senior and I respect her for her experience. By hierachy, she's below me, but she had NEVER respected me as a person. I'm not saying respecting me as her superior in terms of hierachy, because she will never never wants to report to me. Maybe because she feels that she's senior so she should not report to a young girl like me. Because of her seniority, she was very rude and never respect me at all.

My boss had asked me what is my biggest challenge when she retires, and I said, to be working together with O only. My boss said O has to report to me after she left, but I can be with you, she will never ever do that. What happened during the last two days had proven everything to me.

This lady, O, she's a weird person. Whatever she said is very contradicting. Previously, she was not happy that I said 'Let Me Help You'. To her, she said that these words mean that the work she's doing is only her duty and cannot be done by me. She said our department's work can be done by both of us. I remembered everything she said. Remembering this, I tried not to say it anymore. On Tuesday 15th Nov, there was a Customer Service Workshop and she told me not to do anything as she had arranged everything with the Security Manager to move the tables and chairs for the event. Until a day before the event, she was still on leave. She had planned to come early on Tuesday at 7.30 am to make the table arrangements.

A day before, there was some changes as the Conference Room was vacant for use despite the room was booked. Seeing that, I checked with my new boss whether to proceed with arrangements or wait till O is back. She told me to proceed and get help from the Security Manager. Without any issue, the tables and chairs were arranged. I knew O does not like to be disturbed during her leave, and thus, I asked a colleague just drop her a message that the arrangements are done and told her not to worry. She does not need to rush on that morning as well. My intention was good so that my colleague does not need to rush to do so many arrangements.

The event went well on that day. I was happy because everything went smoothly. I never think about her not saying TQ at all. Because to me, getting things done properly like what she planned was good enough although it was earlier by one day. The next day after the event, on 16th Nov, she blurted out to me that she wanted to say TQ for the help and she 'appreciated' the help with the arrangements. She added, "But I was not happy that you have interfered with my plannings. Why did you do the arrangements when I told you that I have arranged everything with the Security Manager?"

I told her that I had checked with boss first before proceeding as she asked to do it a day earlier as well. She said, "Why did you go to boss to ask these? It has nothing to do with you because you are pregnant. You don't have to do it." She also added, "I did not say TQ yesterday because I was not happy at all with these. Now I say TQ and I appreciated it."

I was like?! Huh?! "I'm not happy also with what you are saying now. You don't say TQ because to me, you don't sound like you appreciating at all. My intention is to do it because we are a team. And I don't want you to rush to work also".

She then said, "Yea, I know you are kind, but I don't like it because you have interfered my planning. Also, you know I don't like people call during my leave, and you asked another colleague to Whatsapp me. I was so angry. I told you already, after our boss left, I want to work peacefully and everything go smoothly"

That's when my nerve went boiling. "I know you don't like people call, that's why I just message to inform you that things are done. My intention was to help out as a team member. Next time, when you are on leave, I'm not calling you or messaging you, irrespective the issue is an emergency or someone died or the building collapses, OK? "If you are not happy when people have done something to help out, then I have no words to say!"

After that, I turned my back at her. I was so angry because what she's not happy about was ridiculous. I shot back at her because I did not do anything wrong with my job. But I was sad also for this. I could not breathe and I ended up walking to another department at the other side to burst out my tears. I felt very hurt and sad. I did not even expect a TQ from O because it is difficult to come out from her mouth. I just want her to acknowledge my contribution as a team to the program and treat me as a person, as her colleague. (not by hierachy). But in return, those hurtful words were what I had received. I felt so hurt by that.

That's why I said, whatever she said were very contradicting. At one point she said I need to do the work as we are from the same department, and it's not her responsibility only. Now, when I have willingly done it without saying 'I help you', she said I had interfered her work and plans. Don't understand what she was thinking.

I spoke to my new boss and she supported me. She said O has no rights to be unhappy because I have helped out and things did not go haywire. And it went on well. There's nothing wrong with that. Additionally, my boss added that she had asked if we can call her when she's on leave if suddenly there is any changes to the arrangements or any emergencies - and she said, OK! Oh my God. Such a big fat liar!

Anyway, it's good that I have let out the emotions. I think she got the point of my being unhappy because on actual fact, I did nothing wrong. Only herself feeling not happy based on her own perception.  She did not apologise and the next day, she talked back to me like nothing happened.


Thx for reading!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Expecting Our Second Jewel

Hello Peeps!

It's been some time since my last entry in this blog. I've been reluctant to write a post because for the past one month, I was not feeling so well, weak and dehydrated. Remember I posted about my post-contraception side effect on my facial acne? Well, my period had been very irregular and it was difficult for me to conceive. In fact, it took me 1 year of trying to conceive until I recently found myself missing my period. I did not suspect myself pregnant as I thought my period probably delayed again. I gave up because my pregnancy test was negative. But when my period was still not coming a week later, I gave myself a try to test again. I almost burst into tears when I saw two lines - meaning positive pregnancy!

I quickly booked my first appointment with the gynae doctor. As stated by the doctor, my period was irregular and the dates were all wrong. From the scan, baby's size was about 5 weeks only. Meaning, I was pregnant somewhere in July. I was praying that I don't have to go through the same pregnancy symptoms that I had last time during my first pregnancy. But, unfortunately, the symptoms came even earlier this round. I started experiencing nausea and excessive vomiting since the 6th weeks. I vomited about more than 10 times a day when I decided to annouce my pregnancy news to my family on my husband's birthday on 25th August.

I was so sick that day and the next day, I was admitted for drips to rehydrate myself. Seriously, this is the worst symptom of pregnancy ever! People concerned about eating too much during pregnancy, but I'm worried that I'm not eating and drinking enough because almost everything make me nauseous - especially plain water. OMG! And, whatever I took, my body will know what to reject. From my few times experiment, my stomach rejects cocoa (chocolate), acidic fruits like orange, curry and dhal and sunflower seeds. It's surprising because my stomach only rejects certain food because when I vomitted, only certain food came out.

And, the pregnancy hormones make my stomach over-producing acid. I felt uncomfortable all day long. I'm not experiencing morning sickness but all-day-long sickness. Horrible feeling. Now, I had to rely on anti-nausea drug especially early morning because I just can't tolerate anything without medication. Early morning, after waking up, I will definitely throw up the acid collected in my stomach overnight after I drank some water.

I'm so worried of dehydration. I can't escape from this because the last pregnancy I was dehydrated as well due to excessive vomitting. Poor thing. My husband also got used to this as compared to my first pregnancy. He said, he doesn't know what to do. Haha!

Anyway, I hope one day both my son and ?son/daughter will be able to read this. So that they know how much sufferings and difficulties their mum went through to bring them to this world. Haha



Friday, July 8, 2016

Short Raya Getaway to Johor Bahru : Desaru Beach Holiday

We just came back from our recent Hari Raya trip to Johor Bahru, my hubby's hometown. Every year we will go back there for twice a year to visit my mother-in-law. She's old and refused to come to stay with us, so we will plan long leave to go back there twice a year. It's far from Ipoh so we cannot go back very often unless it's long holiday like Raya or Christmas. This trip, hubby brought me and our mochi Biri to Desaru beach. We went on 5th July (Tuesday) early morning around 8am. We reached there after around 1 hour drive there. This beach is really clean and quiet. Though the water is not crystal clear like those Islands in the East Coast, but the water is clear though. 

Hi Welcome to Desaru, Johor
 Like I said just now, the beach was very quiet, not many people there that time, probably because it was eve of Hari Raya. So we were one of those few families there. In addition, it was very hot and sunny that day. People mostly will choose to stay in-door than coming out to the beach. But hubby had promised to bring us here so he kept his promise. 

Desaru beach is a long stretch of sandy beach, with some sections of it belonging to the private resorts. There were many resorts there so, you can only access to certain part of the beach if you are not staying in the resorts. We went to the public beach and for each public beach, we need to pay RM4 parking fee per entry. 

BBQ area and resting area before the beach
After passing by the walkway and BBQ area, we reached the beautiful beach. I like Desaru more than Langkawi. The beach is clean with no rubbish. Well-maintained.
Soft sands with calm beach on our right side

Another side of the beach - see how little people were there
I said this place is well-maintained because there was a large tractor moving along the beach to smoothen the sand and make the beach smooth and tidy. See below picture

Tractor trails on the beach

Mochi Biri and daddy choose to stay at the beach to play sand.....To be continued

Hello mummy, I'm playing sand! I love sand, and I HATE water!!!

... while I, ran to the water to capture some pictures. I love hanging around the beach because it gave me a very relaxing feel of a retreat.
Can you see the clear water?
Sunny day with clear water
Hello from Desaru!
We're happy family by the beach

 Continue to share more lovely pictures that I had captured at the beach!

Can you see clearly the clear water???
Great photography skill!

We hang out at the beach till around 11.30am and the sun began to burn our skin. We stayed by the beach instead of going down the water. We did not swim as our son was very afraid to go down the water.

The hubby and wifey

Yes, hubby captured this stupid photo of me trying to 'climb' and sit on the tree.

Lastly, TQ to hubby for bringing us to this beautiful beach. My JB holiday is not the same as before this round. Muacks


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cameron Highland Family Trip 2016 - Day 2

Hi! Have you read my Day 1 post? If not, check it out HERE. Very quickly, it's Day 2 of our short family trip. Mum woke up early to prepare a simple breakfast for us all. Sunshine eggs, and noodles!. YummY!
Delicious breakfast

 Before leaving the beautiful penthouse, we all took a wefie of the whole family! Nice right!

Welcome to Leong, Woo & Lee family!
After breakfast, we headed south to The Lakehouse Cameron Highland at Ringlet. But on the way, we stopped by at Cameron Tea Valley. Green tea valley, made us felt so relaxed.

Hello from me and Hugo (the nurse)
Another angle

We all walked down to the tea valley for a picture down there. Very lovely place to take awesome pictures!

We all then drove to The Lakehouse Cameron Highland.

Lets continue our journey to The Lakehouse

 We were awed the moment we saw this beautiful English LakeHouse!

Walked up the ramp at the back of the Lakehouse. Took this beautiful picture of my mum

After turning around, you can see this beautiful side of the Lakehouse with a small garden.

Chibi photo bombed my picture with mum
Me and mum

Mum and aunt with my cute son
Happy Father's Day to the Daddies

 When we saw the Lakehouse, we were really awed. Never knew such beautiful places existed in Malaysia! So beautiful!

The Lakehouse Cameron Highland
We all took many photos around this place as this is such a lovely place and our first visit here. 

It's cool to have a model with us to take such nice picture with the Lakehouse
Family picture!
 Now, lets check out a series of modeling pictures at the Lakehouse!

We have a baby model here! Presenting Chibi Biri posing around with his strawberry balloon

We have 3 models here too!

We ended the visit at Lakehouse with a family picture
We then move on to the next stop 'Strawberry Corner'. Our all time favourite to visit at Cameron Highland.
 Hello everyone! Here's the baby with the uncle!

Ultimately, this is my son's favourite place to visit too!
This place is always our best stop for lovely tea break in the garden
Strawberry Corner is the best place for flowers, and cactus purchase. Too many varieties!
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Then, we visited Kea Farm for short shopping of strawberries, vegetables and other things. Kea Farm has changed a lot too. Now, there's Kea Garden within Kea Farm Market.

My son and I with lovely flowers

Kea Garden

I end this holiday post with one statement : Serene, breathtaking and relaxing family holiday!

This place is a definete worth to visit! 



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