Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Steambot with beloved people

Yesterday I went steambot with family as promised by my mum! Yipee..Lots of food..Lots of drinks..Surely gained weight le =P Nvm, try cut bck wen bck to KL nxt week! LOLZ..

See the food that we ate there? Well its just part of it...that place has many many type of food man..But i got no time to take pic of all of it..Need to eat ma! Yummy! *grin*

For our steambot

Big prawns

Me..waiting to eat


Desserts..cakes and kuih

Our steambot

Fish chop BBQ [ready made: just need to pick the type of meat]

Crab shell with stuffed meat *thumbs up*

Too happily eating

My dessert ice cream with jelly

Heong heong's favourite: Jellyssss


Steam pao (dim sum)

Sushi bar

The restaurant
Finish eating..tadda


Now here's the dart playing place. Each customer is given a chance to throw 3 darts. If you get to hit certain location you'll get to redeem discount vouchers worth either 10, 30 or 50% off the next visit. And you can reuse the coupon for 4 times! Great rite? We managed to get 3 10% discount coupons yesterday!

Yeah! full full!

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