Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tired and needed a good rest

My holiday left about a month now and I have so much more to read up.. Everything has to be covered and if possible mastering all the skills and theories that I've learnt from first year till third year. Haiz..I'm so afraid that I cannot make it in time..

Kind of regretted my decision to work so long and every time I finished working during the day, at night will be really tired to open up my notes to study. Last month was worse whereby every wednesday and thursday I still have to teach tuition classes. Imagine my tiredness that two days.. Although earning pocket money is good but I have sacrificed my time to study...

Sad thing..=( Can u see how much things to study? Look at the pile of notes!

Teaching tuition is not as easy as I imagined. Here's the notes for classes that I'm gonna teach. Good thing is this month I'm not teaching two days but only one day. I really can't take so many things and neglect my study again. Everybody needs help from me, who going to help me with my study? NO ONE!!! Only people...everyone, pls let me go k??? Tired already sacrificing for u all...and I loss all my precious time for study. See the notes? It's all empty without answers and I have to do all on my own..Time? My own time again so solve all the maths questions..haiz...terrible..

The thing that make me feel so bad is that everybody make me feel like I'm wrong for not helping them. My boss's wife make it sound so terrible that I wasn't there. Haiz...what do they want me to do actually???



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