Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bali...We're Coming Soon!

Hello Readers,

Hubby and I are married for 2 years this year 16 September 2016 will be our 3rd year together as husband and wife. After married, we did not manage to go for our honeymoon as our baby was growing. We had decided to go after baby gets older. Now that our Mochi Biri is 2+ years, we had decided that it's time to go for our long delayed honeymoon this April. We had planned this early this year.

We had decided to go for Bali as this place had lots of private pool villas to offer. I have always wanted a honeymoon with private villas with pool for total privacy. Hotels are a NO-NO for me when it comes to honeymoon. We went through and to search for the cheap rates of private pool villa. We made some comparisons for the villas and read some reviews from the travellers before deciding which villa to go for. In the end, we had chosen Unagi Villas at Canggu Bali after reading many good reviews for their villas condition and customer service given.

They offer one bedroom private pool villa - just what we wanted. Booking directly from their official website is cheaper compared to other booking websites. We booked for 2 nights at the villa for total of IDR 1,949,000.24 (RM573.83) -which I think is very cheap for a private pool villa. The villa also comes with a bedroom, kitchen, dining hall, living room and private pool. For more information on the villa, you can visit their website at UnagiVillas. Their website also has a few different packages to suit your vacation needs.

Talked so much, let's take a look at the features of the villa. The villa is located directly infront of a paddy field I will post a detailed review and blog about my honeymoon after I'm back! Enjoy! Picuteres are adopted from Unagi Villas website and Tripadvisor.





 Beautiful or not? I hope that the actual villa is more beautiful than pictures!

We also plan to visit certain place near Canggu for our food and visits. Some of the places in our list are:

1) Betelnut Cafe
They offer a selection of good and healthy food

2) Hijau Warung and Cafe
They offer a selection of local food beside the paddy field

3) La Mexicana
They offer a selection of Mexican Food

4) Warung Bu Mi
They offer a selection of local food with cheap price

5) Monsieur Spoon Canggu
They offer a selection of pastries and puffs and coffee

6) Tanah Lot

7) ECHO Beach Canggu

8) Souvenirs for loved ones

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