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Friday, June 15, 2012

Scratch and Win Scam

I believe that many people heard of this 'scratch and win' scam from newspapers, internet or facebook. I could not believe that I am one of the victims right now for this scam. Honestly, I felt extremely stupid and I know that I must do something to get the money back or at least to alert people around so that there won't be another "water fish" like me.

This incident happened yesterday 14/6/2012 starting at Monorail KL central. I was on my way to KL central from Monorail to catch my KTM back to Kepong after my outing with friends. While walking to the station, I was approached by one guy, dressed formally and trying to give me a coupon. I rejected and walk without looking at my road. I banged to the phone booth and stopped. He quickly handed over the coupon and ask me to come to the program at Midvalley. So I said, "TQ, I will read later" and continue walking. He then followed me to ask me to tear off the corner of the coupon as he needed it to show his boss that he delivered the coupon to public. So i tear it off and gave it to him. He then quickly opened the coupon and ask if I had ever seen this before...I said NO. Then he grabbed my hand and congratulated me.." You WON  a big prize. You know this is a GREY circle indicating big prizes", he then showed me other coupons with "thank you", and he said these coupons do not have prizes. He said I am so lucky to get the prize.

He showed me the poster of all the prizes. And said, now left car, trip packages and jade mattress to be won. He then asked me to go see the prize at their office in MidValley. I replied saying I will go other days [I was thinking to go with my BF]. But then said the prizes can only be claimed on the same day the coupon is opened. He also convinced me that I sure can get one of these 3 prizes...[Damn, this is where I started to feel like wanting to take it, especially the car. I damn wanted a car I admit it and I start to give in]..

So I asked where is the office, so I can take it myself. But they say they can guide me there. I rejected and no. But he asked me to order my cab and gave me all his license and IC [Now, this is the trick they want us to believe that they do no harm]. So I took the IC, and find my own cab. When I know that I got to pay for the taxi, I wanted to go back...But anyhow, they managed to convince me that when I get the prize, the taxi money is worth it...And the most F***ing annoying this is that they keep asking you to treat them dinner if I get the prize. So we went on the cab and when I see that the taxi is not heading to MidValley, I started to feel suspicious...but the taxi driver said this is a high way to the office to avoid the jam...Finally we reached the office..which IS DEFINITELY NOT AT MIDVALLEY..It is at BANDRI SRI PERMAISURI (CHERAS)..Btw, the guy was called Ah LIM (24 years old, Chinese, Male, from N.Sembilan, hair slightly brown, and thin stature).

Location of office: 3rd Floor of office building with SGA Rejuvenating SPA. (Besides satay station)
Road: Jalan Dwitasik 2

I was relieved as I know this place and I can spot for all the landmarks and get help if I need to...So I went up to the office, and there was another guy waiting there (the boss). I remember HIS SHITTY face clearly until now. So he explained everything again to me about the prizes and why they do this contest bla bla bla...So, he suddenly mentioned that they need to copy down the serial number of bank notes as proof that I have RM4000 money in bank to show I can afford to pay for the road tax if I happen to get the car.In addition he said it was also for the government tax and shipping...[WTH, I really believed him] And I really went to withdraw the money from the ATMs..I did not know how much is the limit for my ATM and the fella can be smart enough to teach me how to increase the limit..OH GOSH, now when I am typing this, I really feel I was deeply fallen into their trap and perhaps... I got HYPNOSIS-ED. My mind did not tell me that this is wrong..SERIOUSLY it did not come up at all...

When I went up to the office again, I let them copy the serial number and they took the transaction receipt too as it is a proof that I withdraw the money but not robbed...The boss took my money and the forms and receipts. They DID NOT PROVIDE me with receipts of the payment and they DID NOT ALLOW ME TO TAKE PICTURE OF THE DOCUMENTS. Haiz...clearly at this point I should have known this is wrong...BUT...I did not feel a single thing..OMG! Ah LIM, continue with me to do the scratch of the coupon. BULL SHIT, I got the weird JADE MATTRESS! Not car, not trip (which they claimed to be exchangeable to CASH). And I said I want my money back. I don't need this. Then he say he can help me to sell it and after dealing with "the buyer" through phone, he said he can sell it at RM16K. I said no way so high..he told me, well this mattress is expensive in Sinapore..bla bla can get high price...And I said, ask the fella to come now, I want my money now. He gave excuses that the buyer not around here and promised to come deal with me this sunday at Jusco Kepong. I can do nothing that time...So I took the mattress and left. They booked a taxi on the spot to send me back..

Finally, I called my BF..and he was FURIOUS. So he quickly drove to our place and when we got up to the office, Ah LIM left, and there was only a girl there, she claimed she doesn't know a thing about the deal so asked me to find Ah LIM back. My BF wanted to took a picture of the office but she said cannot..F***.

Without anymore effort we went home.. And finally knew that this is a stupid scam. I got home with only mattress and lost RM4000. I felt so helpless..and with the advice from friends, I've decided to report this to the police at Bandar Sri Permaisuri. We were told that this scam has been happening for a while there with reported cases of 2-3/week and has stopped for two weeks. Now, I am the first victim again after 2 weeks. The thing is, they knew where is the office, they know most of the victims are students, but they did not do ANYTHING TO HELP or STOP these CRIMINALS..OMG..At least, with the report, I will do what I can do to hopefully catch these bastards! Even if I can't get my money back, I must make people alert of these peoples...

Of course, I can't blame anyone as I was greedy until the end that time...

So, learn my mistakes and ALWAYS, REMEMBER THAT "I AM NOT SO LUCKY TO GET SUCH PRIZES", then you may not be so easily fallen for their trap..Also, be smart to take whatever pictures, receipts, IC copy or at least remember the name and IC no..easily for us to file a case at Tribunal court. In my case, it's difficult for me to get to Tribunal court as I have no evidence of anything..

What I have learnt:
1. Do not ever stop or take any of the coupons of stuff
2. Do not let them know you are student
3. Do not let them know you have money
4. CALL for help...CALL Friends, family when they ask for money
5. Do not be greedy
6. Do be careful at these places of scams (Sg. Wang, Times Square, BTS, KL central, monorail, LRT)
7. Possibly Do not go out alone..

These people are mean to cheat my money, but I am THANKFUL that they DID NOT HARM me. This is definitely something I MUST BE EXTRA CAREFUL..I could have been raped, killed or kidnapped at the first place...

I will upload more pictures for the coming time..With that, TQ

Pls help to spread this news around to create awareness among the people especially students. They are always the prey for this stupid scam..


  1. take care girl, fortunately it's just money. you can earn it back in the future.

  2. I oso meet this ppl before and exactly the same story u tell here!!! this people in KL for many years liao,the authority cant do anythg to them althought many ppl report it!really feel sorry for u, anyhow, money can earn back,the most important is u r safe! Cheers ya ^__^

  3. TQ for concern people...if they wan to do they can, just that they want or not...

  4. Hi Lai Peng, do read the PM I sent to you in your fb... N hopefully we the victims can get together n discuss something! Cheers, Vince.

  5. Hello, I encountered the same thing yesterday. Do you have the IC number of that person and the exact address of the office? As I need to file a claim through TTPM.

  6. Hi, i encounter the same thing on May. And i found some other victims here:

    Please visit and share all the information that you have.

  7. I am the latest victim and i got cheated for 10k :( u managed to find Ah Lim after dat? I want to file to Tribunal but I only got a piece of paper that they so called "receipt" stating that i paid 10k.

    1. peacefuljudges@gmail.comSeptember 13, 2012 at 5:09 AM

      send email to or to share your information. Let's see anything can work out for you.

  8. Hi Peng peng,

    Check the latest update in the blog. Click on the link as one of my friend also got scammed recently.

    We all need to team up to catch them.

    Is this the same person that scam you?

    If yes, go and sms the enforcement and see what they can do to help.

    Good luck!

  9. Oh my goodness, after dealing with I felt quite weird about their attitude.. and online search about the info.. and saw the real!! So fxxk.. I was just be cheated!!


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