Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update for 3rd year 2nd Sem

Well well well, [blow blow blow]. I can see a lot of dust on my blog. It has been ages since I last updated my blog. Hell this sem really busy and I got no time to update much. Maybe once a month I will update! Haha...=)

Ok...enough of crap. Get straight to the point. Yes I'm more than half way through with my 2nd sem of my 3rd year life in UKM. This sem indeed is busy like usual but stil;l we are free to make use of all the given time with our thesis and community. Beginning of the semester was more on lectures on the courses we're taking this sem. Then we moved on with Catering posting. I went to Selayang Hospital for my posting and all I can say it was indeed a great experience and it wasn't as bad as it said by my other course mates. Well, I was so lucky to be able to be with my friends Jeremy, William and Syakirah. Lucky! =) [ double wink ]

After posting, we rushed like hell for the report and the report was like 80 over pages. Super freaking thick man!!!! Anyway after posting, my friends and I were totally separated for thesis data collection and community project..

I was suffering from a great stress and undergoing such pressure that I duno am I doing things right. I can feel that I'm a very irritating person to other people and there might even be people hating me so much! I know I'm not a good leader I must admit.. Too dominating, too controlling and sometimes very menyampah...

I wish to talk to people right now......but no one....

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