Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Independence Day Celebration

Yesterday night went out with family for Merdeka celebration..! Hehe..B4 go out had some fun taking picture with my brother..Yay! Stupid n silly me! We went out shopping at The Store in town and had fun grabbing all those stuffs and junk foods that we want! But, we had no idea why stuffs in The Store are so so so EXPENSIVE. Even my Olay Total Effects is tagged at RM45 and I bought in Tesco at only RM29. Mega huge difference! =.="

While parents having fun 'paying' for their shoes and shirts, I had my own fun taking picture in front of the dressing room..Kinda crazy huh?! What to do, I didn't have anything to shop for so just hang around and took some show my baby boy! =) Yay..he's coming bck soon..reaching KLIA on 26th Sept..Less than a month! Superb! Can meet him again..darling be back soon k? I'm waiting for u..

I love u baby..!

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