Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back at home

I'm back to Ipoh yesterday for my 5 days holiday with family. I miss them terribly. My BF came home with me.  For your information, my BF and I are both from Ipoh and from the same 'village'.. LOL. Our house are just 5 minutes away. Super near right?!

Okies...but he'll be going back KL tomorrow (Monday). I will stay in Ipoh till this coming Wednesday and I will enjoy the coming days with my siblings and family..=) Yesterday went to Tesco to shop with family and just SS with my brother..

People has been saying that we look like couple.. [sorry ya baby]..What to do, my brother and I have been close and I will be walking with him holding his elbow.. like how I always walked beside my BF..=) This brother of mine has been supportive and we always shared our problems and secrets together..

Holiday will end fast time pass.....



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