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Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photon Ultrasonic Facial Massager with LED Light - New Beauty Gadget

Hi fellow beauties out there. After my few posts of my holidays, I'm going to write a review of a new beauty device which I had just purchased. I'm sure a lot of you have seen, read reviews and even may even tried it on yourself. What I'm talking about here is this Photon Ultrasonic Facial Massager with LED Light features. I bought mine from

One thing about this purchase was - it came without a box. I was like O.O How come a device delivered without a box, only to be wrapped with bubble bag? Bad service. Thank god that my device came in good condition!

Alright. What's in the BOX: It comes with a hand-held ultrasonic facial massager, one eye goggle in case, instruction manual and a electricity adapter. The device I bought is not rechargable, but there are those massager which are rechargeable. It doesn't really matter to me though.

This device comes with 2 main features - the Ultrasonic wave and the LED light features which can be used simultaneously or separately. The details of these 2 features are as bellow (I quoted this from JenniRainCloud's review on the same device):

LED Photon Therapy
  • RED Light - Stimulates collagen production, reduce puffiness and pore size. 

  • BLUE Light - Kills bacteria that causes acne and tighten the skin.

  • GREEN Light - Brighten the skin

 Ultrasonic Therapy

This device also comes with Ultrasonic Therapy, there are 3 settings to be selected - low, medium or high. The silver panel is the ultrasonic waves generator that delivers the ultrasonic waves deep into the skin. Please see picture below (adopted from beautygadget4u) 

This is the actual panel on the device

  This is my own device

How to Use ?
Just a shown in the picture, the operating of the device is pretty simple :

  1.  Clean your face from make up, dirt or oil.
  2.  Prep you skin with your favourite water-based gel/ serum. Facial oil can be used as well. I personally have used both version before using this device, but I find the 'pricking' sensation was more intense with facial oil compared to using gel.
  3. Turn on the power switch.  
  4. For ultrasonic therapy, press the 'Sonic' button once for low setting, twice for medium setting and thrice for high setting. Always start with low setting first and adjust accordingly. For myself, I felt tingling and slight 'pricking' sensation with low setting. I dare not go higher setting until I feel comfortable. (See this step in picture below)
  5. For LED light therapy, pree the 'Photon' button once for Red LED, twice for Blue LED and thrice for Green LED. (See this step in picture below)
  6. You can use both at the same time by selecting both setting, but if you want to use either one therapy, simple follow step 2 or 3. 
  7. Apply a bit of the serum/ gel on the silver panel and gently glide it on the face from the chin upwards to the side of the face for lifting effect. (See image below)
  8. The device is set to work for 10 minutes, so use it 5 minutes on each side of the face. I like to use 2.5 minutes with Red light and followed by 2.5 minutes of Blue light. This is entirely up to you.  

Below is the massage steps for lifting of your skin.
This device has been a great help to busy mummy like me to have some spa like treatment at home and gives effective results to my skin. My husband noticed my skin is more radiant the next day after my 1st treatment. Amazing.

It's a affordable beauty gadget investment and hope this review helps!


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