Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, December 23, 2011

Update on Miss Ngeaw's Visit

Miss Ngeaw is my best friend since childhood. I knew her in primary 9 years old. Now, we're both 22, which makes us 11 years of friendship. Even longer than my couple relationship with BF. Lol. Okay..My best friend @ Wai Leng came to KL recently for her Advance Diploma convocation and she stayed with me for about 5 days and it was really thrilling and exciting to have her with me for 5 days.

Me, getting ready for her convo

My lovely best gal friend: Wai leng [she was so thrilled over the angels on the christmas tree]

We brought her parents to Mid Valley for a short walk after the dinner and we visited The Garden's Residence Hotel. OMG. It was the best place ever: High class, classy and EXPENSIVE! But no doubt I must say that their security system is the best. Without the residence access card, you will NEVER get to use the lift at all. So, even if there was any robber or thieves, they will never get to go up to the hotel rooms unless they take the stairs. XD

Christmas tree in The Garden's Hotel

So I went to her convocation at Tar College and after that we celebrated at The Gardens and Mid Valley with her parents the same day. We went to Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant but, we both agreed that, Zanmai is better =} [Cheap and tasty *drooling*]

Her lovely parents! Miss them lots

After the dinner, we met up with Xune, my pen pal or I should say, net pal since 4 years ago. It's been a long time since we last met and it was just so coincidence he came to KL and we met up. Kinda wasted that we did not take any photo despite the long duration of nvm..this is how he looks like:

The days continue with lots of lots of shopping and outing. We went out for Cosplay with her cousin and friend: Eva Lai. Check this link out for the photos COSPLAY

We also went to Farenheit for shopping and was attracted to the christmas deco there..

Here I am with the beautiful tree. I love it. There's many more pictures to upload but sorry, I'm gonna end the post here. B4 I end..the last shot for the post is this....

May our friendship last long till eternity. Yay! Love ya Leng, take good care and I shall see you again soon during CNY 2012


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