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Love, Family & Food

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update for Skin care and make up routine!'s been a long time since I did a skin care product review..I've been super busy to have time to come up with a good review of products that I've used. No doubt that I've been trying many new products for the past few months and I finally come out with a conclusion of the following items which suit my skin so much. Ok as you can see, there are a few items in the picture which I love a lot currently. My skin care routine is the same for day and night, which covers the basic skin care essentials: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Additional skin care items are my scrub, pore strips and zits treatment (BP). Let's start reviewing the products.

L-R: Clinelle Soothing Skin Toner (RM 30+), Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash (RM19+), Oxy 5% Benzyl Peroxide, St. Ives Scrub for Blemish and Blackhead Control (RM24+), Fruit of the Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel (RM10+) and Biore Pore Pack (RM10+ for 10 strips)

We're going to review one by one ya! First start with the cleanser. I've tried so many cleansers but it's only Simple's Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash and Cetaphil Cleanser that makes me being loyal to them. But currently I'm not using Cetaphil Cleanser as I've left it at my hometown and also because my skin has been quite oily lately due to stress and humid weather. This cleanser is great because it doesn't contain a lot of chemicals, it does not foam and great is that there's no fragrance at all which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. I love to use this cleanser because it's moisturizing and not drying my skin at all.

Next, I apply toner. The toner I'm currently using is Clinelle's Soothing Toner. They have two toners and the other one is Purifying toner which I've tried also. The Purifying toner is suitable for oily skin like mine and I love it as well. This Soothing toner is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. I love the scent of it and it does not break me out. After finishing this toner I guess I will go for the Purifying toner..!

Before the toner dries up, I will apply my moisturizer right away. I use Aloe Vera gel as my moisturizer. Seriously, I've never knew that aloe vera gel can be so effective in moisturizing the skin. Previously I've tried many types of moisturizer and ALL of them made my skin so oily and broke out badly after some time. Haiz..I'm still on my goal of finding a perfect moisturizer for my skin. But, this aloe vera gel really impressed me. I've used it for about a month and the effects is slow. It takes some time to give effects to my skin. Now, my skin is smoother and hydrated. The pimples are healing slowing and no new break out after using this. Well occasionally there are breakouts but I don't need my spot treatment anymore. Just the gel itself it helps to calm my pimples down...Amazing! I love the gel because it suits my oily skin, it absorbs quickly into my skin...U can see some reviews on aloe vera gel on YouTube..

Additional skin care for me will include exfoliating and mask. The exfoliator I use is St. Ives scrub and it's a really good scrub. Plus, the one I'm using now is medicated scrub with 2% Salicylic Acid, to help treating spots and blackheads. Erm..I would say it's good for a scrub but to treat spots and blackheads?! NO NO! It does not help with blackheads at all...But this scrub is an apricot scrub, so it has a lot beads in it, therefore, be gentle when you use it to exfoliate ur skin ya! You don't want to strip ur skin away right? I use this scrub every 3 days to reveal softer skin and also before my mask! Em, for mask I don't review here..I've review previously and currently I'm still using the same products.

For blackhead, I'm using Biore Pore Pack. The thing is amazing. It removes my blackheads very well. Seriously! Try it urself and you will know what I mean =P. I use this every 3 days to prevent over drying my nose area. After removing the strip, I will apply my aloe vera gel to prevent my nose area from drying. Well, pore strips can make ur nose dry if you use too frequent! So follow the instruction in the box ya!

Maybelline Cherry Lip Balm, Kose Liquid Foundation, Silky Girl Long Lasting Eyeliner and Maybelline HyperSharp Liner.

Ok as for my make up essential, I must must must have eyeliner! It's a Must Have Make Up for me! =D. Eyeliner makes a huge different to the eyes. My eyes will always appear larger and more alert after applying eyeliner. I love the liquid liner by Maybelline because it really gives precision and clean line. Plus it's waterproof. The Silky Girl liner is pencil eyeliner. It's water proof also but to me it's pretty hard to draw the line. So I use this for lower lash line instead of upper lash line. The liquid foundation is my favorite. It gives food coverage. I use it to cover my blemish scars. Haha..what to do, I have not purchase concealer yet! Hehe..but this foundation works as a concealer as well... Next for lips, Maybelline Lip Balm is Ok! The color is beautiful and it hydrates my lips..My make up is simple actually..haha! long for today! Will update again soon!


Beauty Obssession,
Lai Peng

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