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Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello there my dear readers. Its been a while since I last posted about my experience in pregnancy. This time I am going to share my experience in labor and what I went through after delivery my little darling- Darren Lee Jun Kit.

I delivered my baby on 15th January 2014 at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh. My delivery due date given was on 13th but somehow it was delayed. I woke up that morning and noticed bloody discharge from "you know where". Most people experience water flowing down, indicating broken water bag or amniotic sac, or experience contraction pain. My husband was in joy when I told him my symptom of labor. We rushed to the hospital for check up. But unfortunately my cervix was not opened yet for delivery. They said the cervix should be around 10cm before they can push me to the labor room. So I was told to go home and wait till time is right. *nervous*

Before I leave, the houseman doctors wanted to scan my baby first. They were surprised to see my tummy. Although it was not big but the baby had completely filled up my abdomen cavity. The senior doctor came and scanned me again. From the screen, my baby was estimated to be 4.2kg *wth*. They suspected I had diabetes which caused macrosomic baby but I wss perfectly healthy throughout my pregnancy. So it was due to my healthy diet. Haha.

Well as my baby was surprisingly big, they refered me to the specialist.  They scanned again and decided to discuss with me and my husband on their management- they suggested Caeser due to baby size. They explained the possible complications if we insisted on normal labor. We agreed on surgery and the operation was scheduled in the afternoon.  I fasted and was given medication to prevent gastric.  Before the operation began, I met the anaesthetic doctor as they have to inject anaesthesia drug at my spine to paralyze my lower body.

then the surgery began. I was so nervous and I closed my eyes trying not to feel anything. Then the miracle happened, I heard the crying sound of the little rascal I have now.  Loud and strong cry. The nurse carried him to me and I kissed him. The surgeon then continued stiching my wound back. Everything ended and i was left to rest before i was sent to the ward. I was tired and slept through for an hour. Then i was sent to the ward with my little baby between my legs. Half paralyzed, I started breast feeding him.
Wow he is good at sucking. Lol

Well, things did not end here. I started vomiting due to the side effect of the drug. Imagine you are in pain and you are jerking and vomiting. Double pain especially when the drug effect was slowly going off. I was so dizzy and couldn't even stand stil. The bad thing about government hospital is that we have to take care baby and start breast feeding straight after labor for C section mums. Haiz the mothers are in pain and couldn't even raise their body easily to carry baby and feed. It would be easier if the nurse can assist. I stayed for 3 nights and I can tell you that it was not easy nights. Suffering from pain and sleepless nights due to baby cries for feeding. On top of that, I suffered from drug allergy which worsen my wound . I had many bruises around my wound and it was swollen and pain on palpation.

After discharging to home, the nurses will come to assess my baby and me. They will check my wound and see if baby is having jaundice. thank god baby is healthy but I was unlucky.  I was going In and out from hospital due to various complications to my wound. I suffered from wound hematoma which caused my wound to have blood discharge.  In the end, they open up the wound again to clean the dead skins and  blood clots. after that I have to go for daily dressing until the wound is okay for second stitching. After don't know how many times into the hospital I managed to stich my wound up again. Now that I have opened my stitches but there are still gapping between the skins. Haiz, now just wait the wound heal itself. Take more  vitamin C and go for daily dressing.

So I would say giving birth is not an easy task. We will never know what kind of complications we face. As long as baby and me are ok now, we are grateful already.

So long for this time. Will share more next time.

Take care

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