Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 with Hubby

This year, my hubby and I celebrated Christmas together at Ipoh. Previous year we were bond together on Christmas. So this year we can consider that we are celebrating our first anniversary together =)

Hubby brought me out for dinner at Olivenz. One unfortunate thing is he will be working on Christmas day itself, and we have agreed to celebrate our Christmas earlier with little baby. The dinner was awesome and somehow I felt the romance in the air. People are staring at us when we feed each other food and laughed at silly stuff we saw online via our phone ^^  

After dinner, we had a walk at Tesco to do some shopping (Nah, shopping is a norm thing for married couples). We bought ourselves a pair of CNY couple tee. I got mine in pink while hubby's one is red

We also decorated our home with the lovely Christmas tree just to have the Christmas feel. I was proud of my hardwork. =P Although I am pregnant, but it did not stop me from making our home feel 'Home Sweet Home'. 

I gave my hubby the first christmas present this year. =) Along with it I included a DIY christmas card for him.

I created the bells with buttons. Cute eh?! Hehe. As for the inside, I created a 3D effect with the shape of a present at the middle of the card. Just want to make the card looks more special. =)

I wish everyone Merry Christmas and also Happy New Year 2014 !! ^^
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