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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Growing Up Journey of Little Biri

I’m not a professional writer or blogger but today, I would like to write down the story of how my son grows from day 1 till now. This post was inspired and suggested by Ms. Jyn Ling, my besty. Haha. This story is not to show you how good I am or how strong I am. This is purely to share my own experience and to give inspiration to new mums out there that: You are not ALONE! And you are definitely not an expert as you are learning everyday as you child grows. You will be an expert as you go along. So, do not fret if you were not doing so well. Be patient and just do your best! For the hubbys, always be a strong supporter to your wife..Help out to ease her burden and stress of taking care the young one as first time parent too, especially at night. You are learning too! Ok. Let’s begin.
A Great Supporter - My Huby
My little prince was born on 15th January and he is a Capricorn baby! Giving birth to him was not difficult as I went through C-Section straight away. However, the after math was the tough journey as a mum. Like I said before in the previous post, I suffered from wound breakdown due to too much blood clots below my wound. And I suspected that this was due to the medication error occurred during my hospitalization. I was given Voltaren which I was known to be allergic to. I had also inform the MO when he was clerking me at ED. Well, they did not notice the allergic drug note written on the clerking sheet and the nurses served the drug to me and I had taken it. Within an hour post medication, the itch started to come in and spread all over my body including my wound. After a few light scratches on the skin nearby my wound, the wound was swollen and painful. To cut the story short, the wound was badly affected. Blood clots were everywhere and could not heal properly and thus, it had to be opened again for dressing. I went in and out from the hospital for the whole month of my confinement. I told myself, no more Government Hospital after this!
Cute baby is born
My little son was not easy to handle when he was young. He was very bad tempered at young age. When he wants milk, he means it!. He will cry and cry and cry till he gets it! As a new parent, this is very stressful for me. I remembered crying many times when I could not sleep due to his crying. There were times where he cried non-stop and nothing could soothe him. As he grows older, he slept better and longer. Mummies and daddies, this is very normal when the baby sometimes cried for nothing at night. Sometimes he/she just wants you to carry and soothe him/her and reassure that you are around. But, there are cases of exception as well. Do check out his forehead and tummy, if they were cold, it could be stomach ache. So, quickly rub on some warm oil on the tummy and forehead. The oil I meant is the ‘Cap Limau: Ru Yi You’. Google out and see. Rub the oil on both your palm till warm and leave in on the tummy and forehead (be careful not to put too near to the baby’s eyes), then repeat rubbing your palm and leave them again on the tummy and forehead. This will ease the stomach ache. 

When baby cries at night, this can due to few reasons; i) wet diapers, ii) hungry, iii) stomach ache, iv) too cold, v) not feeling well vi) teething or the least possibility is vii) saw ‘spirits’. So, when your baby cries at night, check for all these and see what measures to take. You can always google or speak to a paediatrician for soothing measures. These normally happens during the first few months of their life...As my son grow older to 3-5 months, when he started to turn his body, another worry came. There were times he turned middle of the night when I was sleeping, and you could not imagine what could happen. Our queen bed is enclosed by a large mosquito net (luckily) and nothing can goes in out from the net. When my son learnt to turn, there were times when he turned after I slept and he fell from the bed. Luckily he was not on the floor but protected by the enclosed mosquito net. After such incidences, we moved our bed to the side of the wall and so that he will not fall again. This incident happened not just that time, after he started crawling, he would crawl to the other end of the bed after I slept and fell down from the bed also...! But again, saved by the mosquito net. So, my highlight is that, for safety, maybe we should not let the baby sleep on bed with us. Actually, he is not supposed to sleep on the bed with us, but for the convenience of breast feeding him, I had him on the bed with me daily and nurse him to sleep. 

As he got to 6 months old, he was able to sit and started teething. Another night mare; he had difficulty sleeping due to teething and he was too active to practise his turning and sitting skill at night on the bed. Conclusion: daddy and mummy also less sleep. Well, we had to rub some teething gel on the gums to soothe the pain so that he could sleep. We also offered him teething toys to bite to ease the pain but he rejected it! LOL. Anyway, you can try for your baby and it may works for you! When he got to 7 and 8 months, he started crawling. Owh! Baby crawling is super cute and again, he also practised crawling at night on the bed middle of the night. It’s very tiring for the parents. But this is a part of their growing process and we also have to understand and help them to go through it. 

Do take note that sometimes baby can also be clingy to the dad instead of the mum. Like me, my son wants his dad more than me at night when he wants some comfort. He will prefer his dad more. Well, jealousy and guilt will come in naturally. I started thinking: am I not a good mum that he doesn’t want me when he is crying for comfort? Is it because I always scold him not sleeping so he rejects me?? But hubby said this is not the fact. Sometimes, he just wants to stick to daddy and doesn’t mean that he no loves me!! 
I love u Daddy

When baby got to 10 - 12 months, he learnt going up and down from the bed but he could not walk yet. Well, we taught him how to go up and down from the bed. Hubby taught him everyday how to use his leg to get down first when going down the sofa or bed. It sounds ridiculous but he taught that so that our son won’t let his head goes down first from the bed. Thank god we did teach him, he never had any incidence of falling from bed or sofa with head down first. *Touch wod* Around this age, he also started to stand up with assistance from tables, chairs and walls. 
Biri at 5 months - Gong xi Gong xi
Biri at 6 months - In baby walker
Biri at 6 months - round round
Biri at 8 months - sitting up
Biri at 9 months - Sitting his walker
Biri at 10 months - Crawling here and there
Biri at 1 year old - Standing with some support
We celebrated his 1 year old birthday with family and besty Chia Wen. We did not have grand birthday party as his grandparents refused it. But, we brought him out for a simple birthday celebration at a cafe and he got few angpaos and presents from the Jie Jie and his daddy! Couldn’t believe how fast he grows. He is also a car racer in nature. Hahah. He's super good with his car. I'll upload some videos of him drifting next round.
His first car from Daddy on his 1st Birthday
Oh oh! Another thing is, after teething, my son was and he still is; a doggie. Bite everything that he can reach with his hand. From towel, handkerchief, toys, food, clothes, pillows and even me and my hubby. He just love to bite us. Like a vampire! Ouch!
Bite bite bite

One important thing that my mum taught biri and us the parents is that baby must be potty trained when they are young. When biri is less than one year old, she already started potty training by carrying him and let him sit on the potty after meal to make him get used to the potty. After he was one year plus when he knew how to walk, she let him wore pants everyday instead of cloth nappy. But the first few months it will be tough as he will not know yet how to get the potty in time before he peed. So, be prepared to clean the floor and change the pants often. Sometimes, it will reach up to 2-3 times of cleaning in a hour. After he had an ‘accident’ for not making in time to get the potty, we cleaned the mess and then showed him the potty. A bit of punishment is needed to make him remember to take the potty. Smack the buttock a bit..then show the potty. Well, he is now trained and he is able to get his potty each time he wants to pee or poo. =) And he is only 1 year and 9 months. 

Biri Potty Training
Try to start potty training early because this saves some hassle when you want to bring them to holiday (less pampers to bring). Hehe and it’s good also because when they enter nursery, they are independent enough to go to toilet without having to pee their pants wet!

My son all these while has no problem with his diet. He eats everything that was offered to him. When he was 6 months to 1 year 7 months, he eats well without much issue. One advice I must give to new parents are, ensure your baby get enough fluid (water, fresh juice, cooling drink - leong sui, and soups) and fiber (various fruits and vegetables) to keep them healthy and strong. I find that sufficient fluid helps my son to be free from fever and hard poop. But, now my son is 1 year 8 months and he starts to show some sign of picky eating...those favourite porridge and fruits he refused to eat all of them for a week...and made us worried like sick. OMG
Ahhh nom nom nommm

Yes ? Never see baby waiting to eat??!!

But, after trial and error few times, finally we found out that he realized that he is big boy now, he wants to eat himself and feed himself. He managed to finish his milk if he drank from his sippy cup instead of milk bottle. He ate finish those small bites of food and dishes which we separated in a different bowl. Till now, he is still rejecting rice and some option of fruits. But, anyway, at least he is in progress of eating back the food. Step by step and we have to be patient! Mummys out there, this is very normal for baby to be picky as early as 7-8 months. Just be patient and be more creative with the food cooking method and choices. Try not to force feed (which we did) because force feeding can make baby rejects the food more. If they refuse to eat, just stop and wait to feed again later. As long as they can eat certain food they like, active, happy and cheerful as usual, there is nothing to worry about and the picky eating will slowly go away in few weeks time.

Another parenting guide is to teach your baby to pick up the toys after they played. Teach them to keep at the respective storage area. Every time tell them to do it. Eventually, they will remember to tidy the place after playing. Not just toys, any other things you see on the floor, you can ask your baby to pick it up and put back to the correct place. Like my son, he is now very systematic and remembers to keep his toys every time after playing and before he sleeps. It’s a habit that parents need to instil in their child since young. It’s responsibility that we are teaching them since young. 

Also, always talk to your baby at young. Tell him who you are, who the father is, who the grandparents are, the uncles and aunties. When you point at the person, tell your baby who he/she is. All teaching starts from young. You might look silly because your baby doesn’t know how to talk yet. But I can tell you, they KNOW and UNDERSTAND everything you said. Around this age, it is easier to take care of him as he is able to tell you roughly what he wants and he can perform simple task like 'bathing' and drinking his milk. He is also able to self-feed using utensils like small fork. He also runs here and there after learnt walking, runs like nobody's business. You scroll down you will know what is loves to do after 1 year old

He loves to do some acrobatic stunts

He loves watching his favorite cartoon, Sorry for the messy table

He loves to scribble

He has undying love for  water

He loves his koala bear back pack

He learns to brush teeth

He is riding the 'Busy Bugs' by himself at Genting

He learns to think of what to wear... 
He runs all over the park like as if the park is his
He bathes on his own,,with our supervision
He drinks milk by himself while staring at the ceiling
He eats by himself
He scares off all types of puppies due to his 'over-friendliness'

My husband and I grow together with our little boy. None of us are expert with parenting, but we learn to be expert as we grow together. I must say that my son that made me grow so much, to a mummy that I am today! Children are growing up very fast and they pick up things very fast nowadays. Early parenting and teaching of good values are needed to shape them to be who they are in the future. We are trying our best to be a good parent and teach him the best. *fingers crossed*

Alright. SO long for this post. Shall write more in the future.   

Biri Mummy Grace
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