Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cameron Highland Family Trip 2016 - Day 2

Hi! Have you read my Day 1 post? If not, check it out HERE. Very quickly, it's Day 2 of our short family trip. Mum woke up early to prepare a simple breakfast for us all. Sunshine eggs, and noodles!. YummY!
Delicious breakfast

 Before leaving the beautiful penthouse, we all took a wefie of the whole family! Nice right!

Welcome to Leong, Woo & Lee family!
After breakfast, we headed south to The Lakehouse Cameron Highland at Ringlet. But on the way, we stopped by at Cameron Tea Valley. Green tea valley, made us felt so relaxed.

Hello from me and Hugo (the nurse)
Another angle

We all walked down to the tea valley for a picture down there. Very lovely place to take awesome pictures!

We all then drove to The Lakehouse Cameron Highland.

Lets continue our journey to The Lakehouse

 We were awed the moment we saw this beautiful English LakeHouse!

Walked up the ramp at the back of the Lakehouse. Took this beautiful picture of my mum

After turning around, you can see this beautiful side of the Lakehouse with a small garden.

Chibi photo bombed my picture with mum
Me and mum

Mum and aunt with my cute son
Happy Father's Day to the Daddies

 When we saw the Lakehouse, we were really awed. Never knew such beautiful places existed in Malaysia! So beautiful!

The Lakehouse Cameron Highland
We all took many photos around this place as this is such a lovely place and our first visit here. 

It's cool to have a model with us to take such nice picture with the Lakehouse
Family picture!
 Now, lets check out a series of modeling pictures at the Lakehouse!

We have a baby model here! Presenting Chibi Biri posing around with his strawberry balloon

We have 3 models here too!

We ended the visit at Lakehouse with a family picture
We then move on to the next stop 'Strawberry Corner'. Our all time favourite to visit at Cameron Highland.
 Hello everyone! Here's the baby with the uncle!

Ultimately, this is my son's favourite place to visit too!
This place is always our best stop for lovely tea break in the garden
Strawberry Corner is the best place for flowers, and cactus purchase. Too many varieties!
Add caption

Then, we visited Kea Farm for short shopping of strawberries, vegetables and other things. Kea Farm has changed a lot too. Now, there's Kea Garden within Kea Farm Market.

My son and I with lovely flowers

Kea Garden

I end this holiday post with one statement : Serene, breathtaking and relaxing family holiday!

This place is a definete worth to visit! 



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