Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, July 8, 2016

Short Raya Getaway to Johor Bahru : Desaru Beach Holiday

We just came back from our recent Hari Raya trip to Johor Bahru, my hubby's hometown. Every year we will go back there for twice a year to visit my mother-in-law. She's old and refused to come to stay with us, so we will plan long leave to go back there twice a year. It's far from Ipoh so we cannot go back very often unless it's long holiday like Raya or Christmas. This trip, hubby brought me and our mochi Biri to Desaru beach. We went on 5th July (Tuesday) early morning around 8am. We reached there after around 1 hour drive there. This beach is really clean and quiet. Though the water is not crystal clear like those Islands in the East Coast, but the water is clear though. 

Hi Welcome to Desaru, Johor
 Like I said just now, the beach was very quiet, not many people there that time, probably because it was eve of Hari Raya. So we were one of those few families there. In addition, it was very hot and sunny that day. People mostly will choose to stay in-door than coming out to the beach. But hubby had promised to bring us here so he kept his promise. 

Desaru beach is a long stretch of sandy beach, with some sections of it belonging to the private resorts. There were many resorts there so, you can only access to certain part of the beach if you are not staying in the resorts. We went to the public beach and for each public beach, we need to pay RM4 parking fee per entry. 

BBQ area and resting area before the beach
After passing by the walkway and BBQ area, we reached the beautiful beach. I like Desaru more than Langkawi. The beach is clean with no rubbish. Well-maintained.
Soft sands with calm beach on our right side

Another side of the beach - see how little people were there
I said this place is well-maintained because there was a large tractor moving along the beach to smoothen the sand and make the beach smooth and tidy. See below picture

Tractor trails on the beach

Mochi Biri and daddy choose to stay at the beach to play sand.....To be continued

Hello mummy, I'm playing sand! I love sand, and I HATE water!!!

... while I, ran to the water to capture some pictures. I love hanging around the beach because it gave me a very relaxing feel of a retreat.
Can you see the clear water?
Sunny day with clear water
Hello from Desaru!
We're happy family by the beach

 Continue to share more lovely pictures that I had captured at the beach!

Can you see clearly the clear water???
Great photography skill!

We hang out at the beach till around 11.30am and the sun began to burn our skin. We stayed by the beach instead of going down the water. We did not swim as our son was very afraid to go down the water.

The hubby and wifey

Yes, hubby captured this stupid photo of me trying to 'climb' and sit on the tree.

Lastly, TQ to hubby for bringing us to this beautiful beach. My JB holiday is not the same as before this round. Muacks


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