Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Study without play is a dumb thing

Exam coming in just a day time. Yesterday my baby boy and I went out to Sg. Wang to hunt for our nose pack from TheFace Shop! Sounds weird rite? Hunting for beauty products with a guy? Yes indeed my baby boy wanted to try the nose pack see whether it will remove the blackheads or not..We tried it out once reached home ^^

I also bought a dress for myself.. Em kinda regretted buying it..coz it's a bit loose for me..Haiz..Wat to do...NO TRYING ALLOWED! haiz...nvm..guess will ask my mum to correct certain areas for me =)

Although yesterday we were happy but the unexpected thing happened..My baby's wallet was pick-pocketed by duno-who! We were waiting for monorail to go back, and after being in it for some time, baby noticed that his wallet
was gone..It was damn crazy man! He lost RM200+ money with all the documents like
IC, driving licence, student card, and EXAM SLIP..Gosh...we were both panicking...But luckily now that police report was done...we just hope kind hearted ppl in KL will return the wallet to police station if they found it...=( Sad!

Advice: Do keep ur belongings near near near to u! Check ur pockets all the time! Put those importent stuff at the front pocket, not side or back..There's this saying goes: What's front is urs, side is partly urs and others, and back will never be urs...

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