Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, January 7, 2011

What does she want?

I saw a file she gave my bf and I saw a message she left inside that document file..

p/s: really hope to celebrate Christmas with you this year… Hope to go gaigai with you… Haha. But it seems is impossible already… =)

I don't know what this girl really want from my bf...She's expecting him to be with her on special day like Christmas? I got no idea what she's thinking. It's as if she doesn't really notice that he's having a gf..

I've been trying to forget whatever she said to my bf...all those emo stuff she said to him bout my bf being cool at her...said she's sad having him treating her that way...bla bla bla...I und that I shouldn't be reading those things but I think I should know. I trust him completely but I duno what she wants from him....Brother as she claims?? She's showing me that it's more than that....

I'll never tell my bf how I feel or else he will think that I think too I think I just let things out here...=)

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