Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012, Bye Bye 2011

Haha..Today is 3rd January 2012. I know it's little later to post Happy New Year, but anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR people! This coming year is my final year in study life and also a new year for working life. Hope I will be ready soon! Scary! ='(

I know a lot of people have resolution for new year. Honestly I don't have any resolution or goals every year. I face my days without having to think what is coming up next. I guess to me, no point having so much goals and resolutions because I may not do it, or even remember it throughout the my only resolution to be strong to face whatever that comes ahead...

I also must try to believe myself that I'm strong and I can do it. I think by having such belief as resolution, it can help us to achieve other resolutions that we want. Attitude always 100%..

Believe that you can success, and you will!

In 2012 this year, all I want most is everyone I love and care for are healthy and happy...because they happy I'm happy...

For so many years, I reflected myself and noticed that I've learnt to be more mature, to be happy all the time (if can), to trust myself that I can do it and everything will have a solution. I learn to trust my lover more and our relationship is very stable now (been together for almost 5 years), I learn to respect other people and to listen to others as well...

What I can't do until now is to read news daily, to update myself through the Dietetic Websites...and also to be 'OK' at those people that think they are good at something but in fact they are not so! [trying my best to change though]. Well there's a saying goes : Sei Sing Pat Goi (Will never change the attitude), and I believe myself fit to it..I admit that for me to change is not easy! LOL, we'll wait and see ya!

So Happy New Year again and take good care!


Lai Peng

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