Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update after tired weekends..

Weekend has been really stressful and tiring as I would have to finish up many things and study for this week..Phew..really tiring and depressing as my weekend turned up to be dull and not exciting as I always had.. ='(

Last weekend I tried to make my day more by making colorful breakfast..Cheese sandwich with yellow and red cherry tomatoes.. Colorful and nutritious..

Today is Tuesday and I could not believe that I got a surprise from my BF. We just got back from grocery shopping in Jusco and while I was pouring my oatmeal into the container, he approached me from behind asking me to close eyes he wanna do magic but I cannot see it. So I obeyed him and he put a necklace around my neck..To my surprise he gave me beautiful little diamond necklace...Thanks honey...Muacks =)

So long for this to continue reading my journals and do some work..Good night world..=)


Lai Peng

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