Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy birthday to Jeremy

Yup, yesterday celebrate our buddy Jeremy's be-early birthday! Now that I'm going to Selayang Hospital posting with Jeremy, we both rarely get to meet our Daddy William and Keh Len so often. But we still planed this outing and we all had a surprise for Jeremy for his coming birthday on 17th Mac [The surprise was failed though]. Sorry for the bad acting la Jeremy! ^^ Buat malu only la me!

Here's the birthday boy! Just to promote him a little..he's the GOD of our batch of dietetic students. Obviously it is because he loves to read journals. Previously I used to think it was pretty crazy to read so much, but now I understand that it really gives a lot benefit especially when we are really training outside...which I think I am super duper stupid right now..Jeremy u helped me so so much throughout my study life in UKM..TQ! Owh..I'm getting all emotional right now thinking back about Z. Sucks! But anyway TQ also for listening to me membebel about my miserable time with Z. HAHA! Happy birthday big head..LOL..this pic with the head!

I finally think though I failed to capture your head on the previous picture but I captured this awesome look of you! BTW, Keh Len bought him a super nice tie. She came back from Bangkok with nice souvenirs for us. I got a cute Thailand earings! Yipee..TQ..And Jeremy got a tie, whereby Keh Len thought he's needing more tie. But in fact, Daddy is the on needing it OMG! Daddy..time to wash your tie...XD. Okay..if other people is reading this, forgive us about the was half melted...Sucks! 

Owh BTW Keh Len, yesterday forgotten to tell you about something.. That day Jeremy swore about the stupid paperless system when it suddenly 'hangged' and jammed while he was doing his stuff at the computer..He said, "Oh Babi!"...and in the room, there were Malays also! How embarrassing that time..And I missed you that time..You were the one who always babi here n there! 

Presenting my UKM buddies..Oopps.. Keh Len, blame the waitress who captured this..U lost half of your face. That is super bad photography skill..Worse than mine! =D I'm gonna miss you la Keh Len..and I will miss the time we used to tease Daddy with S, T, WH, SI, and TSP...Hehe...=D..Daddy..I hope by the time the semester ends, you will say, I have another all get another mother! which in total 6 wives including LM...LOL...Good news ahead ya! 

Happy birthday again Jeremy! All the best for the coming weeks ya! Stay smart and don't be overstressed like me, which I think you are calm enough for it! XD..Stay healthy and happy and pls gain some weight la..U r too thin right now! 


Lai Peng

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