Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My dog, My Family

Today I would like to post about my dog. My dog is just a normal stray dog named SiSi. This name was named after another dog at my dad's fish farm. The older dog was very obedient and very cute as well. My dad said older SiSi was a very good dog and really obedient. Then, another bitch (female dog) at the fish farm gave birth to 5 little puppies. Three of the puppies were having short fur while the other two were with longer fur. My family's SiSi is one of the long-fur puppies. She was the cutest among all the puppies when she was young. Back then, I remembered my dad and mum telling me that there was one little puppies extremely cute at the farm. So, out of curiosity, I visited dad's fish farm and when I saw the puppy, I was delighted and begged my mum to bring her home. She promised me and my siblings that we can bring her back every friday and keep till sunday for dad to bring back to farm. My mum said we cannot keep the puppy around during weekdays for fear that we pay too much attention playing with her till forget studies! =D

Haha..Just as expected, we were thrilled playing with new puppy and we spent so much time thinking where to allocate her in our house. On her first day here in our house, we have to go out for dinner. As we were afraid that she might be lonely outside, we tied her at the coffee table in the house and when we came back, she was turning around the table trying to free herself..=) She was super adorable back then. Can never forget that. Every week when she came to our house, we would bathe her and feed her. To be honest, she was the most obedient dog ever. Even when she was puppy, she would never cry at night for milk or for her mummy. I still remember back then that we used big cardboard to build a so-called house for SiSi, but the next day when we woke up, the house was 'down' already. She woke up and all the cupboard would just fell off..

Dad told us that every Sunday when dad sent her back to farm via motor, SiSi's mum would 'smell and sniff' SiSi because she smelt different after bathed. Hehe. So this routine continued until one day when she started to lose appetite and her poo had some sort of worms. So, she fell sick and even when we sent her back to farm, we were so worried until we turned back to pick her up (that time it was raining heavily). When she came back to our house, we brought her to vet and that time, it was the last time she went back to fish farm. From that day on wards, she stayed with us and we named her SiSi. 

There are just so many memories with my dog. She passed away on 10th August 2012 at 7.25pm. May she rest in peace. My dog was very healthy all these while without sick and she's very greedy with food. Any food can attract her except for vegetables and fruits. This doggie of our family really cute. She likes to lick her paw and elbow. Aside from that, she was also very very very scared of fireworks. Every time during festive seasons she would be hiding under my mum's working table because fireworks were all around the air. Haha. Not only that, she was also very naughty. Always 'lau kai' want to come into the house middle of the day. Since my family is running business during the day, she was not allowed to be free as we were afraid that she might bite customer. Yeah she did bit one small boy once around evening (7pm). So since then we do not set her free so early until business ended. Well, we do not follow these rules anymore lately. Every time she 'lau kai', we would just set her free and come into the house. She will be resting at her favorite spot in the house.

Like I said before, she's very greedy with food. Unlike other dogs who would bark for food, SiSi would just scratch your leg and look at you with her mouth wide open.."I want!". Really naughty girl. Once awhile my mum would set her free to walk outside the house and let her pee. My doggie must walk freely when she was outside. Nothing can tie her. LOL..And the bad thing is, she would walk further and further when we called her back. 'Ah Pang ngai gau, yut ngai yut zhau'. Naughty girl and very 'yau min'. There was once she was lost when we were out for vacation. My uncle did not notice that she went outside the house and locked the gate. She did not came back after that. After searching for one day, my brother found her at the other side of the housing area with her whole body covered with mud and blackish stuff. Don't know where she went. But we were lucky to have her back. Since then, we be extra careful when we go out for vacation..

This is how SiSi looks like 

i really miss her... I regretted that I did not keep more pictures of her and it's because I did not expect her to go away so fast. I was pretty sad as I did not make it to see her for the last time. I was hoping to see her during the coming Raya holiday. was too late. My whole family was sobbing with grief for her loss. In the end, they buried everything that belong's to her, along with her body at the fish farm. My brother said, 'She should go back to where she belongs and everything goes with her'. She gave our family the most memorable 7 years with her. Thank you SiSi for being there in me and my brother's childhood. In short, you are like our sister, growing up with us with many memories and happiness...
There is no other SiSi like you...
I love you always...You are always in my heart, and mind!
Jie Jie
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