Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New hobby and interest

Hello peeps! I know it's been a while since I last posted in my blog. Life after working is indeed busy and I'd sacrificed some of my personal time for work as well.. But then, I find that doing something I really love during the weekend gives me great satisfaction.. lately I've been picking up again on my DIY stuff. 

I love to use colorful papers for my artwork. I love roses. I mean which girls don't? Instead of buying real one, I prefer making roses which can last forever! Many versions of DIY roses available nowadays. I've tried making 3 types so far..

The first one involved cutting, folding and finally combining the layers with a wire. And I made it for my BF's convocation. The flower bouquet I made it myself.. Well the winnie the pooh not I made..the frame? Yes! Match my BF! Four eyes tortoise! =P

The second type is folding type. All I need is a long strip of color paper, and fold...and fold and fold around the stalk. Actually there are many videos available in YouTube and those interested can simply google it. I learnt it through websites! This one looks more alive and closest to the real one.

The third type of roses is the swirl type. This one is the easiest to make. You just have to draw swirl and then cut it on the lines. Then, roll the paper from outside to the center.. Haha..Don't und? Just google DIY roses and you can find lots of post on the process of making it!.

I love folding stuff and this makes me love to make stars as well! Making stars and putting it in bottle, wrapping them with beautiful transparent paper can transform it into a pretty gift.  

Many people DIY their hair accessories and out of nowhere, I made one for myself too! I find this is super adorable.Though I am too old for cute things but, who cares?!

DIY things don't just limit to daily usage items but to me, I love to make cards for special people during special occasions. It's all about my own creativity and my patience and effort. LOl, people said I am not feminine, but then knowing my skills in making DIY stuff shocked them! =P They say, I don't look like it! =.="

But the real fact is, I am good at this..Not to praise myself, but every single card I make for each person is fully customized based on their interest, character and things that make me remember them, or special to represent them! 

This is a christmas card I made for my BF last two years. Each triangle contains a single message for him..
You can see more cards I made for my dearest besties!

This is a pop out bday cake and the side is three little roses. I like the 3D effect!

Each time I make a card for one of my besty, I would capture all messages from other girls in my gang. The card is not fully from me, but from all of us! 

The other type I made is hanging card. Looks like ladder! LOL..

And now, the latest item I made is this photo frame. I will be graduating soon and to reward myself for the hardwork I spent for 4 years till I graduated, I want to customize and make one cute photo frame to put the first graduation picture in Leong family! 

It has a little scroll hanging with balloons, and the girl (me), reaching for it. It means I really work hard for it to reach what I have today. I've graduated! The roses? Neh, just because I love roses I included them inside! 

So, let me proceed to my next DIY project! Gonna make Jyn Ling a good luck wish card/ stand! 

Lots of love,


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