Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebration, DIY, Fashion, and Beauty Haul

Dear lovely readers and myself,

Lol, it's been sometime again since my last update. Seriously hating myself for lacking so much time for personal space to update. The fact is, working life makes you dull and tired of doing other things. Hehe..but anyway, weekend is the time for me to update and relax.

Last weekend was Mooncake festival. Unlike the previous years, this year I celebrated myself at KL. I played candles and lanterns by myself. The atmosphere was not as great as I expected though. Dull. I miss my family..='( Anyway, I lighted one message to my dearest hubby: " I Love U" 

Thank u darling for loving me all these while..U know I love u too!

Well of course, I can never let go of my DIY projects. Last post showed you all the paper roses but now, I am experimenting with satin ribbons instead. The outcome of this is good as well! =) 

I also tried DIY my own nail but doing Love balloon design! Cute or not?

After I posted so much of my DIY projects on facebook, i have been getting much request to make frames for them as well. The first person requested was my colleague's GF. She wanted a Hello Kitty photo frame design. Well, I don't know how to make those porcelain clay type design, so I use drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting method. Lately I was also very into 'Up' theme and hence, I combines Hello Kitty and Up. This is how the frame looks like!  

Salary is out! =) And what a girl can always, never resist is shopping. I shopped for two tops - a cardigan and also a tank top. Really love the color of the cardigan. Purple =) The price? RM29 for the cardigan and RM 10 the sleeveless top..

I also shopped for a perfume by Enchanter Paris-Non Amie. Seriously love the scent, it's sweet!

I also re-stocked my skin care product. Wanna try another night gelly and cleanser by Naruko. 

Well, so long for now. Today I'm gonna cook my hubby a delicious dinner..=)


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