Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm Officially Graduated!

I'm FREE. Finally graduated from being a student! The ceremony was indeed boring and TIRING! OMG. I wore a heel which was about one inch tall but it made my feet super duper painful and tired! Swt =.="

But, that day was the happiest moment in my life! I believe that my parents are equally happy and excited like me!

My best friend Wai leng came for my convocation. The thing I felt really touching was, she came back all the way from Ipoh for this special event. TQ girl. You know I always love ya!

My aunt came with my family to celebrate with me! There she is! =)

This special day cannot forget my dearest hubby who had became my family's tour guide and driver for 3 days. TQ baby for doing so much for me and my family!

Love you so much darling girl! Muacks!

Now, the family picture! All smiling =) I love this photo so so much! My dad super cute holding my cute chipmunk! 

Met my first year friend Patrick, now he is studying pharmacy in UCSI college. 

Buddyline...Yen Nee is grandlittle buddy and Pei Rui on my left is my buddymate

My best Diet buddies..Jeremy Se Chee Hee and William Ng See Hoe

This is Jeremy, my closest buddy in UKM..

My UKM buddies..Jeremy, William and Keh Len

My flowers and gifts for convo!

This cute teddy and cookies are from Wai Leng.Thanks darling!

This sweet tea time mini set by My Beauty Diary are given by my little grandbuddy Yen Nee..How thoughtful of she. I love skin care so much! =P

The Mini set has few items.. Cleanser, scrub and two masks...

I'm graduated! Now moving on to the nest stage of my life.Working life! Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading.


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