Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, November 19, 2012

Eat and Eat

Hello lovely readers. So long since the last time I updated! Sorry for that! One thing has changed about me. I've GAINED weight. Shit! Thanks to eating and eating and eating. Lately been eating a lot. I think I ate about 6 times a day. OMG..Fat..sobz. See how chubby my face now?

Let me share the yummy yummy food I ate

Hehe.. the fruit jelly I made myself! Yummy yummy. Aside from food, I also continue my DIY plan by making presents for my besty! I drew and colored the flowers. Out of the sudden I wanted to paint so much! 

Btw, let me update a little about my working life. I'm finally confirmed by PT. After confirmation, I am no longer trainee. I've decided to stay at Planning department as Planning Assistant Executive. Apart from that, salary increment is normal =) How much I can't reveal here but I am satisfied with the increment! My journey in PT does not just stop here. Since my HOD has resigned and another planner was promoted to be the HOD. after the promotion, many changes was done and I've come to handle much more difficult counters/customers/marketing personals. Haiz. However, I always believe that if we manage time well, do properly, then it won't be a problem. =) I must have faith in myself right? 

Anyway, so long for this time. Take good care


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