Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another chapter of life

It's been really really ages since I last posted on my blog.

For the past few months, many things have changed me and I am grateful for the changes that I had faced through. They make me more mature, tougher and much more calm in handling things and difficulties.

I broke up with my ex BF of 5 years plus 3 months ago. The ending was pretty painful for him and also for my family. Honestly, I do miss him. Breaking up doesn't mean totally forget about him. I just removed all this photo from my blog. When I look into the pictures, I felt like I am looking at a stranger. WTH! I sound like I am heartless and no feelings. Honest word, when we broke up I do feel pain because I choose to let go of him, set myself free and accept a new love. I fall in love with another man and I have decided to let my ex go. People who knew us would think this is a waste as we had been together for so many years and the news of breaking up was totally unacceptable for them. My parents especially. But anyway, it ended with bad experience. I do hope he is doing alright now. No harm worrying my ex right? Anyhow he is still a friend to me =)

Ending a relationship and jumping into a brand new relationship is also unacceptable for alot of people out there. My colleagues and even my family. But anyhow, my bf now convinced them with his sincerity and on the same day itself after he met them, they waive green light and allow us to be together. ^^

My new relationship is a speedy relationship. Things just progress so quickly until we have decided to get married. Finding someone who is tele, having mutual understanding and able to support us when we are at the weakest time is not easy. I have found him. We just knew for few months, but the feeling is like as if we have known for ages. The feelings cannot be explained. The feeling is so strong that makes us wanna be closer together and seal the bond and get married. Furthermore, my family loves him so so much and they give their blessings for us. =)

We knew for approximately about 7 months now. But we have sealed our bond with marriage last week. With my parents and friends as our witnesses.  I must say that moment was the happiest of all. I felt like, nervous at the same time happy for being someone's wife.. Ok, let me share my experience registering my marriage...Well, first of all we must apply marriage from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN). I bet many people don't know that to register marriage from JPN is not easy, especially when you and your partner are from different state. Like me and my hubby. He is from JB while I am from Ipoh. To apply for marriage, the application forms have to be sent back to the respective state's JPN, if we apply at any JPN. For eg, if we apply at Ipoh, he has to send the forms back to JB JPN, and vice versa. Kind of tedious right? But anyway, we applied our marriage with another method, which is via Thean Hou Temple (near Midvalley), whereby we can apply our marriage at any JPN, and then we can go to the temple and submit our forms, and get que for the ceremony and they will send the forms to our respective JPN for us. All we have to do is to pay slightly more, which we think is better and faster. Save all the hassles ^^

Okay, so we registered our marriage at Thean Hour Temple on 17th March 2013. =) My friends came and they took many lovely photos for our ROM. Before they came, we completed the ceremony in just 5 minutes. I guess you all don't know that after entering the room for the ceremony, all we did was signing the paper, saying "Yes, I do", and exchanges rings, take few pictures and we are done! The whole ceremony was only 5 minutes!!! Fast, simple and straight to the point! So, I would say, the temple place is really a good place for ROM, just slightly more expensive but we get things done quick and easy! Another credit is, the place is beautiful for pictures! 

Introducing my dearest hubby, Daniel Lee Chee Yong..

  Let me share more pictures with you all..^^

 Us and mummy and Wai Leng..the secretary of the day ( carrying my bag, passing tissue and giving instruction on how to pose).

 Happy family ^^ Welcome to the new family Hubby

  Hubby you got to carry me for life...^^

We were practicing graceful pose for Yue Yi to take..unfortunately, fail! =.="

Shelter me from water, troubles and problems...

I like this pic..Muacks

Beautiful picture...=)

Hubby, you know I love being with you and it's my honor to be your wife

graceful dancing 1

graceful dancing 2, but i think my hubby is more graceful than I am

Jump jump, I jump too

 curi curi take our pic

 Hubby, i can see myself in your eyes.. ^^

We are so happy ^^

God of love made us together...


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