Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, May 13, 2013

My wedding

Counting the days, its been almost two months since I was married. And I still counting the days for our wedding ^^. People has been asking me the same question, “Aren’t you nervous for your big day?!” Well, I would say “NO!”. Somehow I don’t feel nervous at all. My hubby and I are together for short period of time but we somehow seem like we had known for years. And the fact that we are married, and our wedding is coming in 4 months time do not affect us. Sounds bad! But the true fact is, we are already ‘married’ when we are together. The togetherness and connection we have had bonded us since the first day we are together. As our wedding date getting nearer, I do feel a little nervous, as in I would want to appear to be his most beautiful bride, his wife and his soulmate. I mean, who doesn’t want to be that for their partner? This post is more like a diary to me..

His coming into my life has completely change my life. We never expect to be together. Our age gap is one of the biggest obstacles for most couples out there, but, somehow, this is not an obstacle for us. True love is not about judging anything or putting one whole list of criteria to be your partner. There is no right or wrong about love. We love each other, and we are happy together. We are glad that we had chosen each other. My hubby always says, “If time revert and if I had to choose again, I will still stick to my choice of being with you”. And if this question is thrown to me, I will answer the same too. Now, how he changed my life? I used to be a very naive girl (now still a little), stubborn and do not take people’s advice. To me, everyone is angel and no demon in this world. Everything is good and perfect. But my hubby had taught me many things and made me more mature now. He is a good analyst and what he said or analyse are 99.99% true. Last time I listened to what he said, but when I did not take his advice, I had to face the music myself. Poor thing. Also, what my hubby taught me had made me think more logically and learn to be smart at work.
Next, my hubby made my life more cheerful as he loves to make silly faces to make me laugh. One thing he can always make me smile is being himself. =) There is always one side of him that I really love. For being a loving, caring, protective and supportive husband. Nobody is perfect. My hubby is not perfect but I love him as himself.

Ok, now lets talk of something more intense. As you know, my wedding is on 16.9.2013 which is on Malaysia Day! Yahoo! I heard and saw many people plan a lot for their wedding. Hmmn, somehow we both did not plan anything for the wedding. LOL. My parents were the one doing the full planning all the time! OMG. Bad daughter. I want a simple and memorable wedding, whereby it is cost effective and special. The thing that I always wanted for my wedding is to be colorful. Previously I saw people use balloons from ‘Up’ movie for their wedding and I found that idea is very refreshing. Although this theme was used by others, but for my wedding, I also want the hall to be decorated with colorful balloons. I had even set a theme for my wedding, which is colorful, whereby my ‘sisters’ have to dress up with different color. Excited! My girls will looks charming that day!
Next, comes the pre-wedding photo shoot. Many people spent a lot for pre-wedding photo because most of them choose to take outdoor pictures whereby it WILL definitely cost more. You got to pay for the transportation, food, drink, tol, petrol (if need to travel far) and etc. For my pre-wedding photo shoot, we have decided to take studio photo. Now, just to share some experience for choose which bridal shop, always remember to check out a few shops, just for you to do some comparison of what packages they can offer to accommodate your needs and budget. From what we know, most bridal shops can offer roughly the same items or services, but the price can be different depending on what extra services or items included in it. The bridal shop I picked was purely based on my first feeling with each bridal shop. What I love about the bridal shop I picked is that the sales person there did not force us to decide on their offer, another thing is their computer designs for the wedding album is simple but it enhances the pictures. Some bridal shop does have many ‘background’ for their studio photo shoot. For eg, they use tables, chairs, sofa, windows, piano, and etc. But this bridal shop I picked mostly uses plain background for their pictures and with the added designs, the pictures looks so special. Simple but nice!

Another thing my friend suggested for my wedding photo shoot is to try Korean wedding style. I found that their wedding concept is really cute and the pictures mostly use good lighting and their pictures are more natural and alive! I have requested the bridal shop to do this style for my photo shoot. Lets just see how will be their reply ^^

As for other part of the wedding, I shall update more next time! 

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