Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Little Sharing of My Married Life and Kick Start of Another Chapter of My Life

Dear Diary,

It has been a few months since I last dropped down a post here in my blog. I was really busy in the past few months. Many changes came about and most of it included, quitting my job in KL, moving back to Ipoh, finding new job (with our baby about 3months in my womb), preparing for pre-wedding photo shoot, arranging for wedding day, looking for house and etc. a matter of fact, it is really really tiring. My husband and I faced a lot of challenges and there were times we were down and almost gave up due to these obstacles. Finding a new job and settling down back in Ipoh were the biggest decision we had made together. My husband is from Johor and he is willing to sacrifice everything to come back here and have our family together here. I am indeed very touched and appreciate his thoughtfulness of the coming preparation for our little one- who to take care of our baby when we work?! That was when the idea of having my parents to look after our baby came in, and that is why we are willing to move back to Ipoh and settle down there once and for all. 

After we have moved back here to Ipoh, we looked for jobs and luckily, we have found one. Unfortunately, it was just a 'stepping stone' job as we were not appreciated by the company. =( Well, life is not always smooth sailing, right? We fall, and we stand up again. I had difficulty in finding a job due to my pregnancy. WTH! But never mind, I take this few months opportunity to rest and give the best attention to our baby. ^^ The story continues. So, we had our wedding ceremony completed on 16th September 2013. Due to insufficient data, I am not able to upload any pictures here in the blog but definitely, the day was the best moment for my husband and I. We were so damn nervous on that day, especially me. I was physically and mentally exhausted since 2-3 days before our wedding. Many preparations need to be done, and nobody was helping us except my besties. Until the day before wedding, I was even more exhausted and had a bad insomnia. My husband was not sleeping beside me and no matter how tired I was, my eyes just cannot close and rest my mind. I even cried for not being able to sleep =.=" and the next day, two swollen eyes and terrible dark circles. My bad! My makeup artist was shocked to see my eye bags and to be honest, I looked so  tired that morning =( But thankfully, everything went smooth and we are happily married now =)

Everyone is asking me, "How is your married life?" I was like,? "It's just the same as before" Haha... Indeed it is almost the same as previously because we have been living together like husband and wife, and now, it is the same. The only difference is that, our mind are focused on the beautiful pictures of our baby's arrival. Sometimes during the night, we will have our little pillow talk, imagining how our baby will be like..."He will suck his baby soother and sleep, and hubby will gently rub his little head, kissing him on the face, sayang him like nobody else". Beautiful isn't it?! ^^ My husband and I are excited and nervous awaiting baby's arrival. Count downing to 3 months before labor. OMG. It is really near. We two have been asking each other the same question.."Will I be a good mummy/daddy?" and we both reply the same, "Yes, you will be a good mummy/daddy. I have faith in you". Nobody have experience being a mum or dad, and the on-going practice and care will make us better and more confident as a parent. A lot of things are going to be tough and it will definitely test our patience and tolerance level. But, I have faith that if we do our best and patient, everything will be fine.. ^^ Hubby, you can do it. No worry. Just remember, we have each other to lean on and to rely on.. =) Everything will be fine and we will be GOOD DADDY & MUMMY for our little biri...

Ok, so long for this post..Shall update again soon...


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