Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Looking at the post title you should have known what I am going to write here in this post ^^

Yup, you are right. I am going to be a mother in like less than a month. To be honest, I am very very nervous, and so is my husband. We both are new at being a parent and we do not know what to expect. We just hope everything will be fine =)

I am now at 36th week and by just imagining how I would look like...I think you can imagine I am 'huge' with a round belly. HAHA..Well, my belly is big now, but overall I did not appear to be gaining lots of fat. Although I have gained a lot of weight, but so far the weight is not visible. LOL...

I have been like 'gone' from social network after I have married and I believe that most of my friends are wondering how am I doing, how is my baby doing and so on. Just to inform my dearest friends, I am doing fine here in Ipoh. Currently resting at home waiting for the new member to arrive to our family. I must say that I do enjoy my time at home, doing housework, exercise and enjoy my pregnancy life.

I want to share my experience throughout my pregnancy in this post. Just like any other pregnant mums, I had the same experience like all of them. Pregnancy are divided into 3 trimesters and we have to go through various physical, mental and emotional changes throughout all the trimesters. My first 3 months was not easy for me. Just like other mummies, I had bad nausea and vomiting. I vomit almost everyday and the worst scenario was 6-7 episodes of vomiting a day. When I went for the first checkup in government clinic, I was referred to doctor and also hospital admission. I had hyperemesis gravidarum- a condition where pregnant mums had serious episodes of vomiting and nausea leading to dehydration. The doctor tried to hydrate me back in the clinic but they failed and so, I had to be admitted to the hospital for further management. Thank god. I was ok after a night stay in Hospital Ipoh. The doctor gave me anti-nausea drug and I was so much better after that. During my stay in the hospital, the gynea specialist performed an ultra sound for my baby. I was so happy to see my baby for the first time. Although the baby is not fully formed, but roughly I could see the shape and the heart. When the specialist paused the scan, I could see my baby is moving actively in my womb. Can you imagine the feeling?? There is a new life growing in me and I must take good care to protect it...

For the first 3 months was the most critical time for all mummies because the placenta is not strong and stable yet. Thus, I had to be careful all the time wherever I go and whatever I do. By doing so, it helps to reduce the changes of miscarriage. In addition, we have to control our diet because based on chinese beliefs, there are many 'cold' foods are not allowed especially in the first 3 months, while some have to be omitted the whole pregnancy. I followed all the advice and 'pantang's. No pineapple, no watermelon, no herbal drinks, no winter melon, no DURIAN!!!...and bla bla bla...Although it is REALLY TOUGH to go through strict diet, but it is for the benefit of the baby, so no harm following it ^^ After the first 3 months, you will go into 2nd trimester, which is the BEST period of pregnancy. During this period, the bad nausea and vomiting slowly gone and appetite is slowly picking up. Here, my weight slowly goes up, just like my baby is growing up day by day. During this trimester, focus on healthy food choices, which are rich in calcium (milk and dairy products), protein (lean meat, eggs, nuts) and sufficient carbohydrate and healthy fats. Not only that, as the baby grows, more blood will be produced and thus, foods high in iron are also important. Besides taking good diet, doctor will prescribe supplements (iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B) and always remember to take it daily ^^ In addition, mother should undergo physical activities as frequent as possible. Not only it helps to maintain healthy weight gain, it also can promote smooth labor (exercise can enhance muscle contraction and enhance vaginal opening during labor so that the baby can come out more easily).

Now, coming to 3rd trimester, I would say this trimester is also not a smooth period for pregnant mums. As the baby is growing bigger, you will start to feel discomfort especially around your abdomen because the baby will be kicking and stretching so hard that sometimes will accidentally pushed and kicked your ribs. I always experience that. OMG. Of course you will also feel heavier at your belly, and maybe experience difficulty to move fast like previously. But, for me, the worst case is back ache.As the baby is growing larger, the abdomen has to support growing weight and this causes the back bone to support it more and without proper posture, we can experience back ache easily. Yup. I do experience that..Poor thing. In fact, because of that, I have to lie down and rest my back. Back ache is not easy for me because it limits my movement and activities. Haiz..Anyway, it is going to come to an end soon.. =) In addition, I heard that mummies also experience ankle swelling and also fluid retention during the last trimesters. But, so far I did not experience that yet {touch wood!} maybe because I am active everyday doing brisk walking and sometimes going for underwater exercise =P. BTW, one awesome thing during the last trimester is BABY KICKING and HICCUPS. My baby kicks everyday and every hour. Strong kicks and stretches sometimes makes me quite painful too. This is the most wonderful thing during pregnancy because you can feel your baby is healthy and active in your womb. Not only that, they can hear you too. My husband talks to baby everyday day and night and he responds well to his daddy by moving, touching and kicking. For daddies, although you don't carry your own baby, it is crucial to communicate with baby when he/she is still in the womb. The baby can feel you and knows who is the daddy after birth. I feel that this can create a stronger bond between the baby and daddy after birth. My hubby is very happy every time he hears the kicks and heart beat. Sometimes our baby also hiccups (super cute) and hubby will laugh and smile hearing it.

Well, besides getting emotionally and mentally ready for the baby, we also need to get ready all the necessary stuffs for the new born ^^. Things like feeding bottle, diapers, nappy, baby clothes and bla bla bla need to be ready already by now. In fact, to prepare for a new born really need a lot of things. We bought lots of stuff for him.. Now as the days gets nearer, both me and my hubby are nervous and excited. We do not know what to expect and sometimes we both just can't sleep because many things are going through in our mind. I bet all new parents experience the same feeling during the first pregnancy =)

Overall, I feel that I am lucky throughout my pregnancy because I did not experience those bad symptoms and have to lie down all the time to rest. I am happy that I can go anywhere and move easily like pre-pregnancy. Also, I must thank God that I did not experience any pregnancy disease like gestational diabetes (high blood sugar level during pregnancy) or pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy). I have read other bloggers that had these problems and some were at the dangerous state where they have to take out their baby before full term. Really poor thing but luckily the babies are fine now. ^^ Therefore, I strongly believe that genders of babies are not very important. What is more important for me during pregnancy are that I do not want to have a suffering period during pregnancy and also hope that my baby is growing healthily and well, without any malformation and diseases.

So long for this post. ^^ Take care people and lots of love

Grace ^^
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