Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, February 12, 2016

2016 Family Cruise on Sapphire Princess: Come Back New (Day 2-Penang Escape)

If you have missed the Day 1 of my cruise experience, check it out here Sapphire Princess Day 1

Let us continue to Day 2 of our Wonderful Cruise Experience on Sapphire Princess. On Day 2, we woke up around 8am and headed for breakfast at Horizon Court as usual. Today is the first shore excursion to Penang Island and the ship will only allow passanger to disembark around 3pm at Swetterham Pier. So, we all decided to have walk around the ship again. We tried to explore the ship as much as we can. I will show you as much pictures as possible on the ship. 

We walked to the back of the ship to explore the small pool behind the ship at Deck 14 and 15. There were two pools with two hot tubs at the back of the ship. Here, you can see the trails of the ship moving on the surface of the sea. Breath taking! 2nd day was a hot day. 

  Two pools at the back of the ship

 Beautiful pools

At the back of the ship, we also explored the lawn court and basketball court. We all sort of 'challenging' each other to get a goal! My son also took part in the game! Haha!


Later, we all headed to the Skywalker Night Club (on a hot afternoon)? Haha! Wrong timing to visit a nightclub right? Here, my son took the opportunity to do some baby dance on the glass dancefloor!


At the night club

We headed down to the Piazza for the Fruit Carving program. These chefs are so talented. Look at the beautiful carvings.

This is made from pumpkin! Awesome right?

We visited the library and it was a comfortable place for relaxation too

Lots of books for reading

Biri and gong gong po po at the library

After walking around, we decided to go for a short swim again and decided to go back room to rest before going down to Penang. After a good nap, we all went down the ship around 4pm and met my friend Su Ting aka Penang Tour Guide. She drove her cute Kancil and brought us. She brought us to a food court nearby for a quick meal of delicious Penang Laksa, chee cheong fun and fried kuey teow. Sorry, forgotten to take any picture for this! Oops. Then she brought us to Ghee Hiang to buy some tambun biscuits as souvenir from Penang. Hiak! See the cute CNY decor outside Ghee Hiang! Aiya! Su Ting tutup mata joh!

Hehe. Then we went to Penang Times Square for a walk. Su Ting said this place has a lot of lovely mural art and 3D arts and models around the Shopping Complex for pictures! Very true indeed what she said. Scroll down to look at all the lovely pictures we took for the whole 2Hour walk there! 

Happy CNY!

Small family picture

With the tour guide- Ms. Su Ting

Family portrait

Going on beca ride?

Us again under the beautiful sakura

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream

Daddy met his long lost friend - Mr. Bean

Mummy, what are you doing?

 Fruit seller

 Uncle, you want buy which one?

 Kung fu fighting

 Hello. How are you?

Comfortable bed

After visiting Times Square, she brought us to the big field nearby Swetterham Pier. She said during coming CNY, there will be hot air balloon ride at this field. Thus, currently, there are a lot of cute small hot air balloon decoration along the walkway of the field. Very lovely right?

We headed back to the ship around 8.30pm and my biri bid Su Ting jie jie farewell with a kiss on the cheek! Sweet!

Since we did not manage to take a picture of the whole ship yesterday, we took it this time during night time. The ship looks lovely! 

We got back to the ship and decided to go back room get changed and headed back to the indoor pool for a night dip! Unfortunately, the pool was closed and we just grabbed some dinner from Horizon Court. After dinner, we just rest and relax on the deck chairs, take a dip in the warm whirpool while dad and hubby had a challenge of table soccer! Go daddys! 

 Grandma accompany biri play beside the closed pool

  Enjoying warm jaccuzi

 Selfie with mummy

Biri just finished swimming

 Go daddies go!

 We all ended our tired day around 10.30 pm.

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