Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Family Cruise on Sapphire Princess: Come Back New (Day 5 - Getting of the Ship & Fly Back Ipoh)

We move on to the last day on Sapphire Princess. If you have missed our experience on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4, check them out here Sapphire Princess Day 1  Sapphire Princess Day 2

It's the last day and finally, we have to say Goodbye Sapphire Princess. Sad to leave such a wonderful ship. We all had a great experience on this ship for the past 4 days. Very relaxed and enjoyed the holiday. We were very reluctant to leave the ship on that day. We need to disembark around 9am as the ship needs to be ready for next embarktion for that day. We gathered at Santa Fe Dining Room for disembarktion procedure. Our passport was given back to us the night before by our room steward.

Walking out - disembarking

Me and biri going down the ship. Bye bye Sapphire Princess!

We all took a taxi straight to Changi Airport to wait for our flight at 3.30pm. We reached around 9.30am and we spent a few hours at the airport. 

We all walked around the air port and saw Star Wars!

Took this picture as a proof that I had visited Singapore

Biri struggling to get down

Airport image made from Lego

Want to fly!

I want to Mum Mum!

My happy kid

We need to get on the plane around 3pm and we walked to the Terminal and passed by this beautiful fish pond and garden inside the airport. Fascinating

Here's our Tigerair plane from far

This is the first flight experience we had (me, mum, dad and my Biri). See how happy I looked after boarding the plane! Haha.. 

Hi from us the biri family

The plane slowly reversed and the slowly went through a long road before flying off. 

We're up in the sky... 

So what's the feeling of flying for the first time? I felt very nauseous the whole journey! Thank god that it was about 45 minutes journey from Singapore to Ipoh.

Not good!

We reached Ipoh around 4.30pm and finally got off the plane around 5.00pm. It was raining in Ipoh and the poor facility of the airport; we had to use umbrella to walk to the airport after getting down from the plane. No shelter provided! Poor facility of our Ipoh airport

We safely landed at Ipoh

 I wanted to say that this whole 5 days trip on Sapphire Princess was magnificent. We had a great time and came back new. Very looking forward for our next cruise on Princess again. My husband said the next time will be going only with our small family. And he said to go on Princess again as he loved the customer service provided and also the great experience on the ship. Till we meet again next time Princess Cruise! Keep up the good work and provide the best customer service again!

Grace, the Biri Mummy!

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