Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Family Cruise on Sapphire Princess: Come Back New (Day 4 - Relaxing on the Ship)

We move on to our Day 4 on Sapphire Princess. If you have missed our experience on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3, check them out here Sapphire Princess Day 1 Sapphire Princess Day 2 Sapphire Princess Day 3

On the 4th Day, the ship docked at Port Klang, KL. But we have decided not to go down as there is nothing much on this port. We spent the whole day on the ship, enjoying ourselves to the max. We had our breakfast at Horizon Court as usual and we headed straight for morning swim. So, not much picture we took on that day. We basically relaxed and enjoy the facilities to the max. I just walked around alone and snapped some photos of the bars. Well, we did not sit in any of the bars for the past few days on the ship.
 Club Fusion at Deck 7

 Explorer's Lounge at Deck 7

 Crooner's Bar at Deck 7

Wheelhouse bar at Deck 7

Some of the boutiques at Piazza

My hubby and biri were resting in the room during that afternoon while me and my parents enjoyed the last day on the ship, watching movies in the cabin and then enjoying High Tea for the first time! My first time too!
 Let me share our delighted High Tea experience. Once entered the dining Hall (we went to Vivaldi Dining Room at Deck 5), the waiter guided us to the table of 3. After seated, the waiter set the napkin on our laps and laid the forks and knives on the table. Another waiter came with tea pots and milk, asking if we would like to have some tea. After the tea served, another waiter came with a smile on his face and a tray of mini sandwishes on his arm, asking if we would like someof the sandwishes. And then continuously different waiters and waitresses came to serve us scones, muffins, cookies, cakes and jams.

Mini sandwiches

My dad enjoying high tea for the first time

Scones and mini sandwiches

Cakes and smoked salmon sandwich

High Tea food selection

Selection of tea available

We all went for dining in The Savoy Dining Room that night. We did not make reservation and we were brought to a table nearby the window

 I love the table setting in the dining rooms. Elegent

Family picture before meal

Lets see what we had that night. 

 Chinese food finally - Wantan soup for dad

 My appetizer - avocado and prawn and lobster salad

 Additional main - carbonara fettucini in Parmesan Basket. Delicious!

Hubby's starter - chicken pie

 Dad's steam cod fish!

 My salmon main

 Hubby's main - steak as usual!

Hubby's dessert - Alaska (without the fire)

 My no-sugar tapioca pudding - not fantastic at all

After dinner, we went down again to the Piazza to grab our last supper - our favourite ham & cheese croissant and chicken sandwich!

Then, we all went back for bed! Last night on the ship.... Sobz!

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