Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Love is Always With Me

I read other people's blog and the keep saying love quotes and questioned what is love actually? I asked myself this question too...What is love mean to me? Is it like having a bf is love? Or getting pressie during valentines is love? Or talking on phone for ages and smsing non stop is being in love? Are all these love? Love is a feeling where having affection towards a person...according to wikipedia...

For me, I feel it's not easy for two person in love and being together. Sometimes although two people love each other very much but many reasons can tear them apart. I consider myself in love and very lucky to find someone who willing to walk this journey with me..this guy is the love of my life.

We broke up before but we noticed that it's not worth it to just let go of someone who loves us with all our heart, over some silly reasons...Finding someone who loves u as u are is not easy, found already y let go??

Just now I read one girl's blog. I got no idea who is she but she said she reali loves her bf. I read her blog eventually reflected on myself. I used to write all those lovey dovey post in my blog too. Erm..yea now still write la but not so frequent anymore. ^_^

Love is like seasons in the year. There are spring, summer, autumn and winter. When we first in love, we are in spring where to us, our lover is perfect and the love is blooming and growing..Then, soon we noticed that our partner is not as perfect as what we think, the relationship turns hot where arguements happen. During summer, we need to put in effort to make sure the plants turn out well, by adding water and fertilizer. Same goes to relationship. If arguements not being handled well and no effort put in to make the relationship work, then the relationship wil dies...When we move to autumn, the relationship turns to more stable type or it might end up just like that if not taken care during summer. For winter, hibernation occurs where by both couple trust each other well and spend more time for themselves, doing things they like...

I already went through all these stages with my bf and now, I feel like I'm back to spring whereby we discover much more each other. We are learning what read from the book 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'. Seriously, now that I know how to deal with his 'in cave' mood, and support him, he eventually returns the attention and reassurance that I want from him. He begins to appreciate my support and tolerance. He thanked me for being with him...[Being in the sense that I tell him that I'm always there if he need me]. Be reminded that man dun reali need women to tell them how she can help him, but rather just be supportive with whatever decision they make, and purely just be there if he needs u. There is no need to bug him to ask him tell u how he feels. [He will tell if he wants to]

Seriously, this reali works...Just 2 days back my bf went into cave and he told me he wasn't feelin happy..And I just let him be alone saying if he need me, I'll be there in anyway which I can offer. And he simply said TQ. Shortly after few days, he told me he's feeling better because I'm by his side [although physically I'm not].

Those people whom always say sorry for hurting their partner, I feel if they know how their partner is reali like, u will neve hurt them anymore..Read that book...It helps me a lot..At least I know why he acts so crazily once awhile, ignoring me, avoiding me, saying not my problem but as if it the end hurts me too much...but more...We're getting closer each day because we know how different we are and not to change each other...!!

It's not tough to achieve this..if you and ur love want to do it!

p/s: I love u JC...mean it
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