Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More things learnt from the book

I feel like as if being an expert sharing those 'relationship tips' around in my blog. Well those tips are from the book : Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Today i wanna share something from the book as well, which is known as 'The Rubber Band Men'

As we all know how rubber band is rite? It is very elastic, where we can pull them to the max and then it will sprang back to the original shape after being let go

Men are like this you know?? ^^

Just like rubber band, men can strecth out to the max and then sprang back. It's their natural cycle too..From the book, it is stated that men constantly need to be autonomy while simultaneously want to be intimate with women they love. When he wants to be intimate and closer with his woman, his independence lessen and thus, his rubber band is not pulled too tight. At certain time, he will feel that he has lost his 'self' so he begin to pull back to regain his independency. When he regain his 'self' identity and independency, his rubber band is tight again and he wil then sprang back to his partner for love.

So, for girls, do try to understand this natural cycle of men and do not blame them when they wanna do their own things and be alone. Well, for men, do try to understand too that it's not wrong for the girls to get close to u too..Try to tolerate and understand k? Wish those in relationship always happy!

I wish we are too baby!
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