Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loving mum

Oh gosh mummy going to bring us go bbq steambot tonite. Not only that, she bought bamboo charcoal cleanser products worth RM60 for us... 2 bamboo vinegar cleanser and 1 bamboo charcoal cleanser. Well all because she loves us and that promoter told her that after acne prob solved, need to use the bamboo vinegar cleanser pulak! Haha yipee I got to hav that new cleanser as well.. For you info, that bamboo charcoal cleanser reali is working! Haha..try it out if you want to hav clear skin too!

This bamboo vinegar cleanser is to b used after ur acne problem is solved..It moisturises ur skin and control pimples from coming back!

For more info click Bamboo Charcoal Product!

See what mummy bought for me?The black one i bought it! Haha

P/S: TQ mummy for the cleanser! And steambot tonite! update soon k?

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