Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, September 13, 2010

EMC and Guardian Aloe Vera Hair Mask review

Ok...I've been using Egyptian Magic Cream for about 2 weeks now..and...all I can say is..AWESOME!! This cream is totally natural and I has only 6 main ingredients and all are natural. It does work the wonders.. Although it's very oily the moment I apply it on my skin, it actually absorbed pretty quickly, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The best thing is, it doesn't cause any big breakout to my skin. The oil doesn't cause clogging to the pore, that is why it doesn't cause breakouts. On top of that, those tiny pimples I used to have on my forehead is almost cleared! ^^

As you can see I've used half of the jar now!


Now, I'm looking forward to get my 4oz jar of EMC. Haha..=)
Oh..I wanna do a review on the Guardian Aloe Vera Hair Mask as well. Now, I used this mask yesterday but I leave it on for about an hour instead of a minute as instructed by the instruction. Surprisingly, after rinsing my hair is smooth and soft =)

Ok...How much I rate this 2 items? I will definitely give ***** to it! Bravo! =D

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