Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home but carry tonnes of work

I'm home finally after being in KL for about 2 months.. Being home is the best thing apart from being with my bf of course..I won deny that and won try to push this fact away! LOLZ...But this 2 weeks is not reali a happy holiday for me..I brought home tonnes of assignments which I am suppose to finish before school reopens. So far the progress is ok! THANK GOD!

To boost up my immunity, I bought Scott's Emulsion. Lately I feel that I've been falling sick easily.. Flu just come without notice and appear out of no reason. Can u imagine suddenly having flu while u're doing assignment? Not having to expose to any polluted air in the room! Y har? No idea..

So to prevent this from happening again, I've decided to take Scott's Emulsion once I did when I wan young. Back then I was suffering from narrow bronchus airway. And I suffered from asthma-like symptoms.. Doctor recommended Scott's Emulsion for healthier airway lining..Guess I'm still holding the same problem till now but not as serious as before. tastes good!!! Yum yum!!! [Bro said YUCKS] ** HAHA** =D

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