Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cameron Highland 2012 Family Trip

My family and I went to Cameron Highland two days ago for a two days one night trip. It was the 4th time we've been there. My parents wanted to have a short break at the highland to release stress and simply just to spend some time with us-the kids..The trip was a sudden trip after I came back from KL for mid semester break..

 I'm ready for our vacation..Yay

 Camwhored in the van..

 Well what do you think of this picture? I took this using my Galaxy Y. Proudly presenting my Galaxy Y's production (2MP camera). I would say this phone has done a good job capturing nice pictures with acceptable colors and focus. Erm..of course I cannot say that this phone has great camera but, I can still accept it because, come-on, this is the cheapest smartphone ever..what else I can expect?!

 More beautiful flower pictures...

 I love this picture so much...I love roses...Baby...I want!!!

 My outfit of second day in C. Highland..Strawberriesss!

 My brother and parents..

 Me with flowersss

 Hah..My brother took this picture..Sounds very 'artistic' and he said taking picture through holes sounds very 'pro'.. I don't know bout that. What do u think?

 Leong siblings

 Beautiful flowers

 I really love roses and this love flower pot..

 Colorful flowers lighten my day

 Suka suka wan to have a full length picture of me..

 My brother...closest to me..

 My mum...


The ladies of Leong family

 Em...i was wondering what flower is this...looks pretty..
Tea farm..! Very greenish and soothing for eye sight...=P

Overall  I must say that I've enjoyed my family trip so so much.. Going for a short getaway is a good idea to release stress and escape from the busy city life...

I hope I will be stronger to go through whatever that is coming in the future...


Lai Peng

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