Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Outing with besties

Today I went out with besties Wai Leng and Chia Wen and also 3 of our secondary mates, whom we've almost lost contact for few years since secondary school. Unfortunately I did not capture any pictures of our gathering. My bad..=(

 I'm pretty excited for the gathering and quite happy with my outfit and look of the day...


Gathering was as usual..talking non stop and laughing like mad girls..Especially Miss Wai Leng is there. The whole restaurant was filled with her laughter and giggling..OMG...But she's really a 'happy fruit' to every one

Besty Chia Wen gave me my belated bday present. It was a pretty necklace with heart shape and jewels..*Love it* 

Sorry for the low quality camera picture..Haiz..But this is how the necklace looks like.. Pretty right? 
TQ Chia Wen for the lovely pressie..

And..she also wrote me a lovely birthday message and wishes..Girl I hope every wish will come true...Thanks alot...=) [Lots of hugs]
[Swt..sorry for the blur pic.I think my hands were shaking when I took this]

Lots of love and hugs to besties..Love u girls


Lai Peng

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