Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blowing dust

Ahhemm..It's time to blog again..though I am busy, I think it is time to do some blogging again.. Ok..Let's update my readers bout my current living status. I've officially moved to BF's sister's place in Kepong Baru. I've tidy up the small room with my BF and the room now is suitable for us as study room.. So, you can see my study table with my pillow..XD

I went back hometown last week and I was happy to be home again..I missed my dog so much. She's such an adorable dog to me...too good already..never pot pot anywhere and never bite things. Best is, never never disturb you for toys or want attention..haha..and she does her job well guarding our house..

Do you know that strawberry and chocolate is the best combination ever?!'s the best combination I'd ever tasted in Cameron and we tried it out at home when I was back to Ipoh..So nice..OMG..!

Last two days I went to Mid Valley with Daddy and Jeremy just to hang out after our stressful case presentation. Unfortunately I guess my lecturer was not happy with my management back in Selayang for this case..Arghh.. WATEVER! But nvm..Dad, Jeremy and I went out to take a nice, stomach filling lunch at Pasta Zanmai. This place is suitable for those who wants tasty, affordable and filling food. The choices available for the set is certainly 'mengenyangkan' for Daddy [BTW, he's a Tong Nasi]

After that, we bought ticket for movie - Dark Flight. This movie sounded interesting when we were lining up for tickets, but sucky was...we only noticed that it was an Thai horror movie just before we entered the cinema.. I was like..WTH?! Horror movie? Sucks...and I was swearing at Jeremy and Daddy...[next time must see the picture or advertisement properly man]

Before movie started, we went for one bowling game. I was.....the loser of course...OMG...sucky..never in my life I scored that low after one game..the lane....MUST BE THE LANE!

As you can see...Prof Se got the highest 103, while our Dad got 41..the loser got 35 of course..LOL...but the games was indeed most memorable thing I had with my buddies so far

Ok...time to continue case write up..

So long..

Lots of love,
Lai Peng

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