Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Graduation trip and Ipoh Holiday

Hello fellow readers, I've just came back from my holiday with buddies Jeremy, William and Keh Len. We went to Genting for a two days one night trip. We did not go into the themepark to play but instead, we just loiter around Genting and enjoy our time together. We talked, we played bowling, we had card games and watch movies via laptop and TV in apartment, we walked around Chin Swee temple, we had fun camwhoring and taking pictures...I must say that this holiday is different from my previous visit there. Usually people will play and line up for the games, but this time, we spent time there by doing things we all enjoy together a buddies. 

It was fun and memorable trip for me. They are my university buddies.. And after this, we all will be going on with our own future plans and roads..Jeremy and William will be furthering their studies while Keh Len will proceed with her job searching. I will be working soon. They said that we can only meet during convocation, but I guess it's not that difficult to meet up as I will be working in KL soon. We still can meet up and hang up as usual...I do miss them a lot...

They really make me happy and helped me a lot in any way. Especially Jeremy and William as three of us are from Dietetics and meet frequently. Jeremy has been my group mate the whole last semester. =) Indeed he has been the best buddies in University life...

I wish all of them good luck for their future roads and plans...We shall meet again soon before we even knew it! =P

Will update more on the trip once the pictures are uploaded..!

Take care buddies...

p/s: BTW, I'm going back Ipoh today! Will not on9 as I do not have any connection in the mean time

Lai Peng

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