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Love, Family & Food

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hormonal Acne Post-Birth Control

Hi everyone.

After posted previously on my natural skin care regime, I'm going to drop an update on my skin condition. In the previous post, I had mentioned that I started to break out due to the Juju Aquamoist product I used. But, though I had stopped the products and currently using the natural regime for my skin, I still suffer my breakouts but it's just not as crazy as before. When come to think about this, I did wonder what actually happened.

As I noticed, my cystic acne normally pop out along my jawline, and more on the right side of my face. After my last facial done in December, my large cystic acne had lessen. There are still cystic ance popping out occasionally. As usual, it's on the right side of my face. I began to question myself; what could be the cause of the sudden 'outbreak'? I Googled the cause of breakout based on face mapping. Hah! The root cause of my jawline cystic acne are probably hormonal acne as I have tried various skin care products and even pimple cream but it didn ot subside. But what cause my hormonal acne to be so terrible?

I traced back to the sequence of event, where I noticed that after I stopped taking my birth control injection, this condition began to flare. Then I started to Google for acne post-birth control. Yup! Most articles I read stated that it is perfectly normal that the hormone changes after stopping birth control. Birth control method like pills and injections control the levell of androgen (male hormone) in the body. Excess androgen will increase oil secretion in the skin and make the pores easily clog. The birth control methods will suppress the androgen in the body, thus, the skin will be perfect. =) After stopping birth control, the androgen level will increase, causing excess oil production and causing large cystic acne.

Now, after stopping my injection since last year October, it's been about 1/2 year already and my skin is still terrible. It will take some time for the hormone to balance out. But I can say that it has improved a lot from the beginning when I got a lot of cystic acne here and there. I went for my recent facial a week ago and the beautician still said my skin is very bad. But compared to before, it has improved. My face currently is filled with white heads, focusing mostly on both side of my cheeks and forehead.

I really hope that my skin will improve in time. I had started using essence and serum as I see no improvement from my face oil. I add snail and bee Essence from Benton and Hyaluronic Acid Serum to help my scars fade faster, with the hope that it will calm my acne down a bit.


I had used the Snail Bee Essence and Hyaluronic Acid for 1 week already and I can definitely feel the difference. My skin is healing faster, though the bumps are still there, but it's clamer, less red. Hope it will be better soon before my Genting Trip and also Bali Honeymoon in April. Just to update on these two products, I have stopped using them after my Beautician told me my bumps on my whole face could be associated with these products. She told me that the Hyaluronic Acid may not be authentic and had other ingredients in it causing breakouts. She asked me to stop using these products to see if the bumps subsided after the facial.

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