Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Best Friend is Getting Married

I celebrated my belated birthday with Jyn Ling's belated birthday last month and I only get to post the celebration today. Jyn Ling's and my birthday is gap by 1 month exactly. So normally we will celebrate together =) This year, we celebrated at Crossover Cafe. We did not manage to take any food picture as we all were too hungry! Haha

 Two birthday girls

 Group picture. My best friends since young

 Group picture with my hubby

 Last chat outside the cafe before going home! Yay!

Friends forever!

One of my best friends - Ms. Ngeaw had broke the news to us that she is getting married this year in June. I was so excited for her. It was shocking for me as I did not expect this girl wanted to get married so early. But, anyway, decision is made and it is good that she's marrying already. I'm excited as a friend! And emotional too. Feels like crying!

I was so silly that I had even think that she's not yet ready for marriage. I told her fiance that I've entrusted my best friend's happiness to him. He has to take good care of her or else, I will smack him. Haha! I sincerely happy for my best friend getting married. I wished her happy always and hang fuk after married. =)

I shall start thinking what to give her for her wedding! Any ideas?

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