Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Short Getaway from the Heat: Small Family Genting Trip 2016

As everyone knows, Malaysia now is struck by the recent hot season throughout March and it expected to drag on till April. The weather has been super hot and there were many cases of citizen down with heat stroke. Fortunately, hubby and I were offered free room from Genting First World Hotel and we redeemed it for 3D2N stay in First World Hotel Standard Room. We just came back from the short getaway on 26th to 28th March 2016. As this was a short getaway, we went with the young ones - my brother Lawrence and his GF Shanelle. We all drove to Genting on Saturday after off work around 2pm and reached Genting at 4.30pm. We checked in via the kiosk machine. Didn't manage to take much photos as our son was pretty clingy and cried when we tried to put him down. Thus, our hands were occupied most of the time. Expecially hubby's.

After checking in, we rested awhile in the room before headed to the First World Indoor Theme Park. As we had arrived late, we had to maximize our time to take all the indoor rides with Biri. Unfortunately, Rio Float is closed too. The only rides we really enjoyed was Raindeer Family ride. Our son was super 'cho pet', what also scared. He refused to take his own children rides this time. So he went to Fun Land and played for nearly 1 hour there with other kids. This really made me worry as he appears to be scared all the time, refused to go down the floor to walk on his own, wanted to be carried all the time. This trip was a tiring one. Really!
 Mochi Biri

 Someone enjoying Raindeer Ride

 Hi from Us

Mochi finally play on his own

Then, we went for our dinner at First World Plaza. We saw some 'cheap' menu - Roti Telur 2 pcs for RM7.50 only at Curry In  A Hurry Restaurant. I told my brother and GF that we thought of dining there since it's cheaper for the roti. They opted for Nasi Campur. OMG! It's super expensive! Shanelle's rice (portion was big though) with lots of sambal prawns and egg and sotong was priced at RM44++. We were shocked with the food price there though it's good. I find that Genting Highland's food was overly priced and not reasonable. That's why we had brought so many own foods there! Haha! We brought egg tarts, coconut tarts, chicken pie, banana cakes, cup noodles, junk foods, canned drinks, 3in1 drinks and etc.

 After dinner, we went back to the room as Biri was fishing the whole time during the dinner. Too tired. But, he refused to sleep after we went back to the room. We headed out again for another Raindeer ride since we had paid for the whole day unlimited rides. After that, we went back room. My brother and GF had separate program from us as they went shopping on their own. We met for dinner only and had our supper of Cup Noodles in the room!

The next day, we all decided to have our own breakfast in the room to save cost. We made some drinks and cup noodles. We also finished up all the foods that we brought up there. After our simple breakfast, we headed to the Bus Shuttle to Chin Swee Temple. We did not manage to take much photos again due to Mochi Biri (too sticky). We sat there and enjoyed the cool breeze. It was so relaxing and cold up there.
 Mochi is proud of his own ABC

  Good morning

 Shanelle at Chin Swee Temple

 Hi from us!

 Mochi playing ABC again at the Temple

Uncle Lim

We then went back to First World Plaza and went back our room to lazy a while before headed down again to Snow World at 12.30pm. We had so much of trouble getting Mochi Biri to wear the thick jacket, boots and gloves. He refused to wear the gloves and cried once enter Snow World. Failed! In the end, hubby decided to take him out and kept him warm outside.

Me, brother and Shanelle explore the Snow World for 30 minutes. It was freezing cold inside and super slippery. The boots are totally useless. I thought it was suppose to keep us safe from slips but it did not. Useless! I had no idea why Genting closed so many atrractions during this Holiday week of Easter Day. Even the slides in snow world is closed! Whats the point of entering snow world without the fun? Not just that, the staff did not allow us to take pictures in Snow World! OMG! That was another stupid policy from Genting! But anyway, we were not so stupid to follow it. We took just a few pictures as proof that we had entered Snow World. Totally not worth the price.

Snow world - but nothing special

 A bit blur taking picture inside

Hi. My brother was freezing cold

 Very cute couple

After coming out, we joined some memory game outside Snow World in conjuction with Easter Day and won some cheap prizes. Then, the staff asked us to participate with 'Guess The Eggs' contest by Snapping a Photo of us with the bottle of chocolate eggs and post it to Genting Facebook page and guess how many chocolates in the bottle. By participating, we will received RM50 voucher to spend at SaSa. 4 of us took part and got RM200 total voucher to spend at SaSa. So quickly we went to spend some time in SaSa and grabbed some goodies for ourselves and for our mum! Tadah! Masks, and body care!

Guess the number of chocolates

How many in there??

The good purchase with the voucher!

After shopping, we went back room to rest as we all were tired. All of us slept till around 5pm and woke up to go down for our dinner. We wanted to go for KFC but when we reached Vision City, we could not find the KFC. Haha. In the end, we decided to go for Marrybrown after played some games in Vision City. For your information, we were given RM30 EziCash Credit with the purchase of our Indoor Ticket. So we used the 30 credit for games there. The Marrybrown food was not excellent because it taste bland, chicken size was very small - not filling at all. So after the dinner, we headed to the Visitor's Galleria and Mochi Biri had so much fun there running around to 'chiak chiak' with us. He also had fun kicking the balloon. Hubby and Brother went to Casino to try their luck with the slot machine. Brother was given RM30 for slot game after applying his Genting Reward Card. In the end, he kalah habis RM30.

So, we all stopped at The Bakery at Maxims to enjoy the night of Uno Game and some pastries and donuts. It was a cold night! We played till nearly 10pm before going back to the room. Shanelle suddenly wanted to eat rice again and we went to 'Good Friend' Restaurant to tapao Roasted Pork Rice. Ordering of the food was easy through a kiosk machine, after paying, we can straight collect the food at the counter by showing the receipt. Easy, fast and convenient. The rice was good they said!

 Yummy food in The Bakery

The second night I was too tired and slept around 11 something. We had to go down Genting the next day so I had packed everything on that night. On the last day, we woke up around 8am and went down for breakfast at Food Factory at Level 3. The price of the buffet is RM29/ adult. Children below 12 years old are free. The food option was limited but the taste of the food was decent. Nothing very special. But the food was fulfilling to us. I especially enjoyed the scrambled egg and porridge. The nasi lemak was good too!

Going out for breakfast

 First group photo



After breakfast, we headed down to check out. We brought our luggages down and put in the car. Then we all headed back to the Vision City to use off the last credits in the card. So we played a few rounds of games and after that, we went out to enjoy the last breeze of Genting. It was very misty and cold. Enjoyed the cool weather there very much.

Then, we all headed down to First World Plaza again to enjoy the last Bowling game before leaving Genting. We all had two games. Bowling game during 12pm - 1pm was only RM3.80 per game excluding shoe rental. Only me, brother and hubby played. I was the worst bowling player among 3 of us (lowest score).

After our bowling, we decided to go down already. Good bye to Genting. We hope to come again soon in the future!


Grace Biri Mummy

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