Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Both hubby and I got complimentary rooms from Genting; where hubby got 2 nights stay and mine is 1 night stay at Genting First World Hotel in March. We both redeemed the rooms and I had asked my brother and his GF if they wanted to join us. They quickly nodded. We planned to go from 26th to 28th March 2016, in conjunction with Good Friday and Easter Sunday on 27th March. As there are only two nights stay, we have to book another room to continue with the complimentary room. My brother will stay in that room. At first, we booked on 25th March as we thought to go there after work on Friday. But unfortunately, hubby’s leave was not approved due to some internal reasons. So, we thought of amending the room from 25th to 27th check in (our complimentary room check in 26th March). 

Unfortunately Genting refused to assist us with amending the date. We are not asking for any refund of the room, but they still refuse to accommodate us, which made me very pissed off and disappointed with their customer service.  Genting was very restrictive with their ‘policy’ that no amendment/cancellation/refund can be made once the booking is confirmed. It should depend on the situation since customer asked for assistance to change the booking date due to unforeseeable situations. Plus, we asked for this request almost a month before the check-in, which has given ample time and reasons to assist us. Usually if the request made too near to the date, then it is difficult to accommodate. But such minute request to amend the booking date is soooo difficult to accommodate by Genting. They even ask us to provide official proof that we cannot make it. The customer service agent even asked me to asked husband to get his boss to write an official letter that we cannot make it. Seriously? The trip is a personal thing, and Genting want us to involve our boss to write letter for it? Very ridiculous. And because of this we had to book another room and this room, we got to waste it for nothing. I can never forget this stupid incident. We paid double to genting because of the stupid policy!!!! 

Phew! What a release! I'm very angry still with the policy! Argghh!

Hope Genting management can read this post and improve their service to assist the customer! 

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