Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year coming again! Huhu! I'm going back hometown in another two days. Tomorrow is my final paper and after that I will be freeee!! Yay!

To be honest I've lost my mood for exam and now, I'm so emotional and eager to go home. Everybody is posting in FB that they're going back hometown, they're safely! I wanna be at home too!!! Ish.. BEH TAHAN leh!

Every year I enjoyed my CNY at Ipoh all because I can feel the warmth and happiness in all my family members. Especially my parents, my mum. My mum is a very naggy, stubborn and sometimes not reasonable with certain things. She's also bad tempered some times. But during CNY she's totally a different person. When she sees her siblings (my uncles and aunts), she'll be so happy, joking around and laughing with them over silly things. I don't know how to say, but I can feel that during those times, she's much softer and easier to talk to. Approachable I would say. But she is still the best mum I have..

My dad..the happiest person on earth during CNY because he get to spend as much money as he wants. Other days, my mum would be nagging him for spending so much money on unnecessary things. But during CNY, she'll close one eyes and my dad, will be so crazy, especially when shopping for goods! You can see why:

The children: "Ba, this is so 'dai', two for only RM**. Worth buying."


The children: "Ba, this one nice or not? Nice ar? Emm..bit expensive. Nvm la. No money buy. Mummy dun let also"

Then dad's reply: "Mai la Mai la (Buy la buy la). So cheap must buy. Mummy dun buy? I buy."

So when we are purchasing goods for new year, you can see the trolley is as high as mountain. The receipt will be arounf RM5oo++ each time. This year we had two trolleys with mountains of goodies for CNY. Broke record already

What I really love during CNY is not getting the red packet. But I love to see the warmth and also the connection between everyone. We only get to see our long distance cousins once a year, and you can imagine how many stuff that we discuss. I enjoyed most is my when youngest aunt talking about her working experiences. She works as promoter in KLCC and she saw a lot of funny and crazy scenes and when she told it, it looks funny. Sometimes a little exaggerated. In fact, I'm closer to my uncles and aunts than my cousins, especially those younger ones. They don't approach me that much as compared to previous years. Perhaps is because I've became older?! Channel different.

I also love the CNY atmosphere. Every where is red colored and it gives a very strong emotional impact on me. I can feel very energized and happy.

Okay...I got to stop here. I'm getting emotional OMG. Go study first..=)


Lai Peng

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