Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Holiday I had In Ipoh

Bro and Me..goin 4 wedding dinner

The dinosaur eggs..tong yun

Brother and me..Yummy chicken wing and ham


Prawn, ham and chicken wing


I came back from hometown di. I had a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. I went to a lot wedding dinner and had a few dinner together with my uncle's family. It was fun. Hehe..em..Then, another thing was...I could celebrate Tung festival with my family. Hehe.. Made a lot dinosaur eggs..actually is tong yun. Hehe..Em..this holiday encountered alot of things. The relationship between me and siblings got better and so with my parents. Another thing is that my family ans uncle's are getting closer as well. The first week I got back there was to attend nephew Brandon's birthday. He indeed handsome. Alot silly things. I took a few videos. Then, we had seafood dinner and steambot with BBQ. Phew. That BBQ was the most exiting experience ever. It was rainin damn heavily..and then, the water level rised till almost into the house. All we did was continue BBQing and steamboting in flood. Haha..really nice experience. While playing with water we ate and laughed. Hehe..Reali crazy. Haha...Look at the pictures and video lu..Enjoy!

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